14 Useful Psychological Life Hacks To Get An Edge In Life

#7 Silence is still golden

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Use the power of silence to make people say what you want them to answer. If someone refuses to answer or answers partially or if they refuse to understand your point, stay silent and continue to look at them. This will force them to initiate conversation and offer a satisfying answer.


#8 To stay cool, chew gum

No. I don’t mean your breath. If you feel nervous or tense in a particular situation, chewing gum can help to calm your nervous and remain cool and composed. Our brain believes that when we eat, we are in a safe environment. I am sure you won’t be chomping on a burger with extra cheese while you are being chased by a bear. Chewing gum will trick your mind to think you are comfortable and ease any stress or anxiety.


#9 Offer validation

We all look for validation from others. It helps us to boost our ego and our self-esteem. When someone really listens to us and validates what we think, believe or say, it makes us feel important. So make sure you rephrase and repeat what a person says immediately if you want them to like you, get attention from you and rely on you for validation. This one is a bit sneaky but hey…it works!


#10 Keep your hands warm

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You already know how important a great handshake is for making an impression. But have you ever realized how terrible it feels to shake a cold hand? It simply shows that you are nervous and anxious. You don’t want that while making a good first impression. So make sure your hands are softly warm when you meet someone or before shaking hands. You can rub your palms together or make a quick stop at the restroom to dip your hands in some warm water.


#11 For the perfect date, do something thrilling

A movie and dinner for a date is just lazy and boring. If you want your date to really like you and go out with you again, make sure you do something exciting together. Your date will not only have fun and have their hearts throbbing, but they will be seriously impressed with you. They will subconsciously relate you with fun, happiness and excitement.

#12 Sit next to someone to avoid aggression

Did you know we tend to be more aggressive with someone who is in front of us or at a distance from us, instead of the person right next to us? This is one of the simplest psychological life hacks. If you wish to avoid aggressive arguments, then simply sit or stand right beside them. We don’t usually show aggression to someone who is at close proximity. Moreover, it is just uncomfortable to turn to your side just to confront a person right next to you.


#13 The last impression matters

If you want to be remembered by someone, always leave a great final impression on them. Whether in a date or in an interview, your last impression is as important as your first impression, if not more. As we mostly remember the beginning and the ending of an event, what you do before leaving will give you better control on the outcome.


#14 Ask more questions to make them like you

Did you know asking questions can make you more charismatic? So when you’re in a social setting or an interview or even in a date, make sure you ask enough questions. This will show that you are interested and you take them seriously. By making people think about the answer, you will get them engaged and they will think about you long after you have left.

There you go. These are the 14 most effective and helpful psychological life hacks that you can actually use in your daily life to make people like you more and build a better life for yourself starting today.


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14 Useful Psychological Life Hacks To Get An Edge In Life 14 Useful Psychological Life Hacks To Get An Edge In Life

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