16 MUST USE Psychological Hacks Everyone Needs To Know!


(9) Don’t be open-book:

People are attracted to those who keep a mysterious air around them. So, don’t reveal everything about yourself.

This also increases chances of people taking your advantage or backstabbing you. Be open and honest but don’t show everything to everyone.


(10) Express happiness, spread positivity:

Always express your positive vibes. If you are happy, express it. Create an air of happiness around you and others will get your positive vibe too.


(11) Be the person you admire:

Always be the human being you admire. Have the qualities in yourself which you want to see in others.

Behave in ways you expect others to behave with you. In the same way, stop practicing things you don’t like in others.


(12) Always ask for more:

Human beings tend to bargain. It’s also not possible to give 100 out of 100 always. Suppose you need 80. If you ask for 80, you will get less than 80.

If you ask for 100, you might get 80 or even more. Set your targets higher than you want or expect. This will help you achieve what you want.


(13) Encourage others:

You like the way your friend writes? Express it. Always encourage others if they are doing something good. We all need support.

Simple words of encouragement will earn you their respect and also motivate them for their development.


(14) Acknowledge whatever is good:

One of the best ways of interacting with people is acknowledging them. Always acknowledge their help or goodness. Your acknowledgment will be reciprocated.


(15) Your boss is a human being too:

Be it your boss or your examiner or your interviewer or your teacher…they are human beings too. They too have their own emotions and flaws.

This is same for your elders. Just because a person is older to you in terms of age or experience, that doesn’t mean they know everything and they can’t make mistakes.

You don’t need to get scared of them either. These sort of relationships run on mutual respect and dedication. They are not going to kill you if you make a mistake.


(16) Don’t worry about results; focus on your work:

Don’t anticipate things. Focus on your work and your result will eventually come out well. Worrying about results will not help you do well. Just stay relaxed and do your job.


It’s important to keep these things in mind. These life-hacks will make you stronger and you will see that a lot of problems are solved too. Good luck.

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16 MUST USE Psychological Hacks Everyone Needs To Know!