16 Research-Based Psychological Hacks for Your Social Life

Psychological Hacks Social Life

(6) Notice people’s feet when conversing with them.

Notice people feet when conversing
16 Research-Based Psychological Hacks for Your Social Life

People’s feet hold the key to understanding whether they are genuinely interested and invested in the conversation or not. Of course, staring intently at someone’s feet for a prolonged period of time can set them off and make them feel uncomfortable, but giving a tiny glance then and now will be enough for you to judge the situation.

Why is someone’s feet orientation important? It’s because when someone’s feet is turned away from you, that signifies that the person is not at all interested at what you have to say. But, if someone’s feet is directly pointing towards you, it means that they sincerely want to know everything you have got to say.

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(7) No matter what, observe anything and everything.

observe everything
16 Research-Based Psychological Hacks for Your Social Life

Want to know who’s crushing on whom? Or who hates whom? Be the observer. Look into their eyes and their reactions. Your observation powers can help you a lot in knowing and understanding what other people are thinking about their beliefs and their genuine opinions.

People tend to laugh looking at the person they like, feel closest to or they wish to get close to. When people don’t like someone, they tend to avoid them, remain silent, or show no emotion towards them at all.

(8) Get yourself excited and positive before you meet someone.

excited positive before meet someone
16 Research-Based Psychological Hacks for Your Social Life

Excitement and optimism can be highly contagious, and it is very difficult to feel angry and depressed amidst positive people. Human beings tend to respond well to social cues, and no matter who they were originally feeling, after a point the existing mood is bound to rub off on them.

Don’t freak out; there is nothing abnormal about this. Other people just tend to pick up your attitude, and unconsciously or consciously adapt to that. Hence, by being positive and showing a lot of excitement, you are conditioning others to behave in the same manner.

(9) Make sure that people never get to know everything about you.

people never know everything about you
16 Research-Based Psychological Hacks for Your Social Life

This is one of the best and most effective psychological hacks for your social life, which can make it so much better. People are attracted to those who keep a mysterious air around them and do not disclose everything that is going on in their personal lives. So, don’t reveal everything about yourself. People will be more attracted to you and will feel drawn towards you due to the fact that they practically don’t know a lot of things about you.

Being too open about the details of your life increases the chances of people taking advantage of you or backstabbing you. Be open and honest but don’t show everything to everyone.

(10) Rub your hands together before you go in for a handshake.

Rub your hands before handshake
16 Research-Based Psychological Hacks for Your Social Life

Handshakes have always played a big part in deciding someone’s level of confidence, and that fact remains the same. The firmer your handshake, the better impression you will have on the other person. But there is another thing that you should keep in mind before you go in for a handshake.

The temperature of your hands also plays a big part in deciding your impression on the other person. Cold and wet hands tend to give off the wrong vibe, but if you have warm and dry hands, it is seen as a sign of high confidence. That is why the next time you decide to shake hands with someone, blow on them and rub them together to warm them up.

(11) When conversing with someone, take their first name often.

conversing someone take first name often
16 Research-Based Psychological Hacks for Your Social Life

As a thumb rule, people love talking about themselves, and they love it, even more, when the conversation centers around them. When you are speaking with someone, and you take their first name to address them, they will find you friendlier, more agreeable, likable and amiable.

Talking to someone and taking their first names while doing so establishes a certain sense of camaraderie, and makes them feel closer to you; which is why they will also end up trusting you more.

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