Psychological Experiment to Discover Your Life Purpose


Steps to Creating Your Personal Mission Statement:

  1. Do the exercise with the 15 questions above as quickly as you can.
  1. List out actions words you connect with.
  2. Example: educate, accomplish, empower, encourage, improve, help, give, guide, inspire, integrate, master, motivate, nurture, organize, produce, promote, travel, spread, share, satisfy, understand, teach, write, etc.
  1. Based on your answers to the 15 questions. List everything and everyone that you believe you can help.
  2. Example: People, creatures, organizations, causes, groups, environment, etc.
  1. Identify your end goal. How will the ‘who’ from your above answer benefit from what you ‘do’?
  1. Combine steps 2-4 into a sentence, or 2-3 sentences.


What is your purpose? What is your mission? We’d love to hear about your goals and aspirations. Please share with a comment!

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  1. I loved this!! So this is what I came up with. "My mission is to educate the public and promote understanding of mental illness. To increase awareness of the barriers the mentally ill face, and bring about real solutions to empower these individuals to improve their lives and that of their families."