5 Little-Known Psychological Reasons Why Breakups Hurt So Much



  1. The pain of betrayal, that’s how I felt. There was not one dream, There was not one plan he wasn’t in. I built my world around him and crushed me when one day he said goodbye. Through all the pain there is one thing I learned though: love yourself. Be courageous to lose what needs to be lost.

  2. It’s simple! It’s the pain of being rejected. For example my cousin lost his wife in an accident. Yes that’s a very difficult situation. But My wife chose to leave. Being rejected is tough but its especially hard when it’s the person you trusted more than anything, the one you allowed to hold you heart, all the while feeling like a man of steel you quickly find out your heart is made of glass when she dropped it letting it shatter to pieces. I digress but being rejected is another human being saying you are no longer good enough for them.