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8 Remarkable Psychological Benefits Of Making Your Bed

Benefits Of Making Your Bed

4. A Treat To The Senses

Picture this! You are all snuggled up in your comforter, the smell of fresh sheets, and the clean and soft pillow cover rubbing against your cheek! How will that make you feel? Surely good enough to quell your fatigue and stress accumulated throughout the day. One of the psychological benefits of making your bed is feeling relaxed and comforted by engaging your senses. When you get all comfortable and enjoy the well-made bed at night, your senses of touch and smell trigger a feeling of well-being, that sends you off to a restful dreamy night.

5. Boosts Your Mood

Did you know that we spend one-third of our life either sleeping or trying to sleep? A tidy bedroom plays a strong role in our lives. It can be our sanctuary that makes us feel calm, grounded, and shielded from the worries of the world outside. A neatly made bed furthers the cause of attaining tranquility by making our bedrooms more inviting. 

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6. Promotes Cleanliness

A well-made bed will inevitably encourage you to have a clean bedroom to go with it. You will start paying attention to the clutter in the bedroom or in other places of the house and mindfully take steps to promote a clean and cohesive home.

There is a wealth of information that extols how a clutter-free home does wonders to the quality of your life. Those who live in an organized and orderly setting, tend to focus better, manage their stress well, and achieve their goals more efficiently. On the other hand, people with messier homes and hoarding tendencies, are known to have a hard time managing their emotions, mental health, and executive functions.

Particularly for aging people, a tidy living space is crucial for retaining and improving brain functions. Now as you know how does making your bed affect your health, it’ll not be far-fetched to extend these theories with the psychological benefits of making your bed.

7. Increases Productivity

One of the psychological benefits of making your bed is a sense of accomplishment.
Psychological benefits of making your bed include renewed enthusiasm

We have earlier touched upon the subject of how the psychological benefits of making your bed every day include a sense of accomplishment. When you are able to tick off the very first of your daily tasks, you feel good about yourself. The confidence that ensues from the rush of satisfaction you get, makes you believe that you can achieve all your goals for the day. With this positivity and enthusiasm, you take the reins of the remainder of your day.

Like a butterfly effect, the simple task of making your bed leads to a sharp incline in your daily productivity.

8. Brings Structure

For an average person, it takes around 10 weeks for a new habit to become automatic. If you consciously make your bed daily, gradually it will become a reflexive action and help you to form a routine-based morning. And as morning shows the day, gradually you will gravitate towards a more structured lifestyle. You will be surprised to know that having a routine is absolutely essential when it comes to the realms of our physical and mental health.

The psychological benefits of making your bed every day lean on a healthy schedule, and involve big returns in terms of productivity, sleep quality, and other above-mentioned points.

The psychological benefits of making your bed depend on your ability to form and stick to a healthy routine.
The psychological benefits of making your bed daily include healthy habit formation.

Psychological Benefits Of Making Your Bed: Is There A Flipside Too?

While there are so many mental health benefits of making your bed, the following constraints and studies have also been put forward by some critics of daily bed-making:

  • The physical strain involved in the process can adversely affect people with back problems.
  • Creative people thrive working in a messy environment, which can be extended to an unorganized bed.
  • An unmade bed has a greater chance to breathe and kill off dust mites and other germs.
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