Wisepicks For 21 August


Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 21 August.

Sulekha Pande

Psychedelic colors,
a perpetual high,
in a world, fulla darkness,
my music,
helps me get by.

Dor In
When the music stops
My world goes back
to black and white.

Rinku Shah

Music is my getaway
When life seems grey.


Whenever I listen to music and dance,
I automatically go into a colourful trance.
Music is really something inexplicable,
Without it, I feel blank, alone and vulnerable.
Music is my salvation.
It rejuvenates me with renovation.

Sherry Greene

The world is energetic and colorful
And we have such a blast
Till the music comes to its expected end
We knew it wouldn’t last


Music restores my sanity.
Without a blend of madness,
It brings out ecstasy.
But as it ends,
Dawns the reality,
Which I face with nothing but vanity.
For amidst the gloom,
I feel as if I am doomed.

Sulekha Pande

In a trance,
I prance,
my music
colors my world,
my music gives me rhythm,
I forget everything,
I live for the moment,
with no music,
my world’s bleak.

Divyansh Sharma

Happiness comes from within,
colours of life
are the challenges to be faced,
love every moment
with joy and happiness!

Jobena L-rey Constantino

Music is a great remedy
 for human’s soul to escape
from the reality of life
whenever you are feeling
sad and empty.

Meg Bechtold

Dancing with my inner child
 in a world where all you see
 is black.

Meg Bechtold

I wear white on the outside
 because color is all I feel
on the inside.


Listening to my music,
I feel ecstatic.
But devoid in silence,
I am terrified.

Priyanka Tripathi

Music is the best coping mechanism
to face the dark reality of my life!

Noor Fatima

It’s the music that transforms
the black and white life
into colorful.

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