29 Proven Ways To Build Your Self-Confidence

Build Your SelfConfidence

18. Just finish the pending task

Procrastination is the dream killer! People who procrastinate experience higher levels of anxiety, guilt, stress, low self-esteem, low confidence and depression. Set a simple and small to-do list every day and try to finish them by end of the day. If you have a big task break it into smaller parts. You will stop feeling daunted and intimidated. Stay committed, promise yourself a reward and you can reverse all the negative effects of procrastination.  

19. Change a small habit 

What are the things that most people complain about you? Working until late night? Eating junk food? punctuality? Find out small habits that you believe you really need to change and you can do it. Then work on it for a month. Once you accomplish it you will feel like heaven. 

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20. Clear the clutter

Declutter your physical and emotional space! Get rid of old items, clean your desk and wardrobe. You will get a little piece of life under control plus you can dress up faster every morning. Also, declutter your past memories and regrets. This will bring you pleasure and loads of self-confidence. 

21. Get prepared

If you don’t prepare for your exams you will fail. Right? Similarly, you should prepare yourself for everything – date, party, conference, new business start-up or your farewell speech. You’ll gain some confidence! When you practice, you address your self-doubts like “I might embarrass myself or mess up”. All the public speakers rehearse what they are going to say beforehand, to minimise the risk of rejection. At the same time, they are prepared for the worst!

22. Be kind 

Being kind is not always about giving money! You can be a blood donor, distribute old woollen clothes to needy, offer compliments to people, share your knowledge with your juniors (for free of course!) or just listen to what your lonely friend has to say. Just one good deed a day!  See how it skyrockets your self-confidence. 

23. Become competent 

Increase your competence to become more confident. What is your core competency? Writing, singing or dancing? Keep constantly improving your skills. Set aside dedicated time for it on your daily schedule and you will get better at it.  You can seek a mentor or join groups or clubs to constantly improve and develop yourself. Practice to become competent and inspire self-confidence. 

24. Achieve small goals 

be stubborn about goals

If you are not a person with big fat goals then set small goals for yourself and take a determination to achieve it. Make sure to set a (SMART – smart, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound) goal. Once you achieve it, you will feel good. Then, set another one, this process will amplify your self-confidence to target and achieve bigger (still achievable) goals. 

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25. Do some noble work

Whenever you are free you should volunteer for a good cause. You can experience more pleasure by helping others in need. Charity work not only makes you more generous but helps you add colours in the lives of others. Every bit of help that you do can make others smile and happier. Giving to charity makes you feel better (by affecting your brain chemistry), strengthens personal values, motivates your friends and families, and boosts your self-confidence. 

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