29 Simple Hacks For Building Your Self Confidence

hacks for building your self confidence

9. Correct Posture 

Always stand tall, sit straight, open up your chest, chin up, keep up your head level. Unlike slump and slouch posture, straight posture lifts your mood, boosts confident thoughts. Try it and you will feel more poised and assured. You will 100% look more confident and attractive!

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10. Be 100% Honest With Yourself

According to Charlie Houpert, the author of “Charisma on Command”, you should be “hyper honest with yourself”. No matter if you have strong work and relationship ethics, self-confidence doesn’t rise when you are not honest answering basic questions like – “what are your hobbies?”, “What do you do for a living?”

That doesn’t mean, you have to share all your private and personal stuff with everyone you meet. You need to accept every good and bad habit of yours and own it.

11. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

According to a study published in Personality and Individual Differences, people who compare themselves to others experience envy and felt worse about themselves. Because comparing your wealth, salary, spouse, lifestyle, looks, achievements only decreases your self-confidence. It can be a vicious cycle.

So, just stop and be grateful for what’s good in your life. Remember there are people who are dying to live the life you have. Everyone has their own time and clock.

29 Simple Hacks For Building Your Self Confidence
29 Simple Hacks For Building Your Self Confidence

12. Know Yourself Well

If you understand the feelings and emotions of your friends and folks and don’t know who you are inside out, you will always fall short of self-confidence. To be hyper honest with yourself you need to listen, analyze and know your thoughts.

Start writing a journal to pen down everything in your mind and you will figure out your likes, dislikes, strengths, limitations, and areas of improvement. Take a deep dive to filter out artificial limitations! Over time you will come out with greater self-confidence.   

13. Fuel Positivity 

Our brain is wired to think about negative events and outcomes! So you need to train your brain to think positively and see how your self-confidence rises. “I, Scott Adams, will become a syndicated cartoonist.” This was Scott Adams’s affirmations and the repetition technique to materialize his goals and dreams. Guess what? Today he is one of the most successful cartoonists of our time! Think and act positively to address negative thoughts.

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14. Act Positively 

Thinking positive is just not enough! The Law of attraction should always be followed by the law of action! Start taking responsibility for your mistakes, rectify them, gel up with positive people in your circle, help someone in need, compliment others and give 100% energy in everything you do. I bet this will spike your confidence in just a few months!

15. Stop Labeling Yourself 

“I’m so helpless”, “I can’t solve this problem”, “No matter what I do I will fail in maths”. If you believe these voices in your head, you are creating a negative image of yourself. If you pay heed to these voices, you will subconsciously train your mind to act accordingly. You will psychologically feel inclined to live up to those expectations.  It’s time to photoshop that image!

Why not affirm yourself “I am the best”, “I’m confident”?. Self-limiting thoughts only cripple your confidence! Try meditation, journaling, self-reflection to find the origin of these thoughts and fix your self-image. Self-confidence increases only when you feel positive about yourself. 

16. Practise Self-Compassion 

“I am so dumb, I ruined everything!” Do you beat up yourself even for tiny mistakes? Common!!!! To err is human! We make mistakes, learn lessons and become a better version each day. So, be kind to yourself!

Self-compassion leads to more consistent confidence according to a study published in the Journal of Personality. Why not think more of good deeds “I am so smart, I managed the concert so well”. Wouldn’t it compound your confidence? 

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