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Protecting The Zodiac Signs Ego By

Protecting The Zodiac Signs Ego By

Protecting The Zodiac Signs Ego By –

ARIES: Seeking out situations where you can be the hero

TAURUS: Withholding praise when someone outshines you

GEMINI: Speaking with authority on a topic you just heard about

CANCER: Judging people who do things you wish you had the guts to

LEO: Picking out your critics’ flaws until their opinions feel less valid

VIRGO: “Asking for a friend” instead of admitting you need help

LIBRA: Looking down on decisive people for not being flexible

SCORPIO: Conveniently omitting your own wrongdoings when complaining about how yet another fake friend slighted you

SAGITTARIUS: Insisting it’s not your fault if people find your honesty abrasive

CAPRICORN: Assuming that everyone aspires to your definition of success and therefore respects you for achieving it

AQUARIUS: Pitying yourself for having an intellect so advanced that it intimidates most people

PISCES: Idealizing your most trivial experiences as deeply profound

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