10 Strategies To Protect Your Energy As An Empath

10 Strategies To Protect Your Energy As An Empath

8. Essential Oils:

The power of essential oils has been known throughout the ages. As well as their amazing healing qualities, essential oils can help build a powerful energetic armour, they also have the ability to keep one relaxed and grounded when in peopled places (Read more here on some different oils and their benefits). As with crystals, choose the oil to resonate most. (My favourites are lavender, basil and frankincense.)

9. Close Your Eyes:

By closing your eyes in noisy, highly charged peopled places it can protect you from the wayward energies you might normally find seeping into your energy field. It is doubly effective if you practice a breathing technique at the same time. This method switches off your external awareness and allows you to stay detached from the energy of others. Which in turn protects you from ‘wearing’ their energy.

10. Balance Your Hormones:

This isn’t so much as a protective technique, that can be done before leaving your home, but more of a lifestyle change. It is possibly the most important and most effective of all these techniques. And yes, this also applies to men.

Your hormones are directly linked to your chakras, meaning they affect both your physical and energetic bodies.

If your hormones are out of whack you won’t be able to balance your own energy, never mind that of others. When your hormones and thus chakras are balanced you will enjoy a better quality of life as an Empath. And although you will still feel the energy and emotions of others you won’t be taken down by them.

7 Secrets of the Sensitive‘ goes into detail on how you can easily balance your hormones and chakras and thus enjoy total transformation and harmony in your life. It also reveals how to live happier, healthier lives and enables you to see this Empath life for the amazing gift it really is…

Hope this helps on your journey of transformation.

Until next time…


Written by Diane Kathrine Originally appeared in EMPATHS EMPOWERED

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10 Strategies To Protect Your Energy As An Empath
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