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Proactive or Reactive ? – My Mind Talk

Proactive or Reactive ? - My Mind Talk

People these days judge more which makes them react to life rather than living it. This is result of being reactive and not proactive. Reactive here means you initially have no agenda but only resultants from the events around. You let yourself be tossed and drowned and again rise up by the tides of life to put your words forth. Each new wave that hits you catches you by surprise. Breathless you hastily scramble to react in order to keep floating on the surface.
On the other hand ‘pro activity’ is sort of grace in life. Lets continue with previous analogy, lets say you are in soaring waves. This time you look calmer, you are in tune with the waves- anticipating with it. There is no hurry to escape them but enjoy each and every wave. Wouldn’t it be to great to enjoy everyday in life with the flow of events as the source of energy? It is only possible if we can uncover the gift we are endowed with – ‘pro activity’. It is just a way of dealing with things that can be developed and strengthen.

I know nothing for certain, except the fact that I know nothing.” – Socrates.
Ever wondered why these words from Socrates are so powerful? Because it shows the right mindset to actually gain some knowledge. We easily dismiss any theory that we think we knew which makes our brain vulnerable and this ignorance leaves room to entertain new theories and ideas that might look like real knowledge. Look up and realize that magic does exists.
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