8 Principles Of Life To Help You Design Your Life Path

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Principle 8: Time Management=Energy Management + Boundary Management

“Design your life in such a way that you would never need a vacation from it.” – Boruch Akbosh

The starting point of making any progress is having the required energy to do the task in question. I don’t just mean physical energy but mental and emotional bandwidth. Most days are spent feeling like an iPad with every single app open and by the afternoon, your battery is in the red.

Without appropriate means to replenish, recharge and reignite your energy, then it’s going to be very difficult to make any progress on your life and business goals. Time to pause, reflect and course-correct:

  • Are you prioritizing energy management and self-care for yourself?
  • Have you told yourself the story that sleep is for weak people and you can push through on minimal sleep?
  • Are you setting a quitting time after work to give yourself an opportunity to switch off mentally?
  • Have you consciously built in time for reflection and stillness?

Just start by doing the things you know you should be doing – drink more water, ditch the sugary snacks, get 8 hours of sleep, take regular breaks during the day and stop checking emails after 9 PM and on weekends.

There is no room for guilt here. Self-care is self-leadership. Reframe the internal dialogue from how can I take time off for myself to what will happen if I don’t?

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‘We do not fear the unknown. We fear the loss of the known’ – Anthony De Mello, Awareness

As the chief architect of your life, you need to review the existing floor plan. Perhaps you need to knock down some walls to make space for the new design.

Your new project may involve breaking some existing habits, patterns, and thoughts. In order to step into the new vision, it’s going to require discomfort because you like the known even if it’s not always best for you.

Ask yourself – if I really want to enjoy the new floor plan, am I willing to go through the discomfort of doing things differently?

The great part about accepting this role is that you can always change what isn’t working. You can always add in an extra room or another level if you outgrow your current design. Choose one room you want to focus on and each month create a skill, add your unique spin and feel free to let go of anything old that doesn’t contribute to the new design.

If you found these 8 principles to design your life plan helpful, then comment below.

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Written By: Lori Milner
Originally Appeared On Beyondthedress.co.za

Republished with permission.
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8 Principles Of Life To Help You Design Your Life Path
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8 Principles Of Life To Help You Design Your Life Path
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8 Principles Of Life To Help You Design Your Life Path
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