10 Ways To Prevent Your Friendship From Turning Into An Affair

10 Ways To Prevent Your Friendship From Turning Into An Affair


5. Don’t’ let your friend speak poorly of their own relationship.

Likewise, your friend should not use your relationship to talk about faults in his or her partner.


6. Never value your friendship above your partner.

Never be in a position to say to your friend, “I’m telling you this because my partner wouldn’t understand,” or otherwise hinting that your friend appreciates you in ways that your spouse does not.


7. Refrain from talking about sexual subjects with your friends.

Under no circumstances should you be talking about any sexual issues with your friend. It’s fine to discuss the news of your favorite Kardashian’s romantic exploits, but any discussion about your personal sexual preferences or experiences is strictly off-limits.

Avoid situations that can stir up physical intimacy, such as candlelight dinners, sitting in saunas without spouses around, or entering a dance marathon together. You may not feel any romantic inclination toward your friend before doing these things, but the right situation can breed new interest.


8. Minimize alone time.

You should not develop habits of exclusively having alone time with your friend. It’s critical that your family periodically be included in get-togethers. Be very cautious about regular rituals that you and your friend have.

It’s okay to say, “We always watch the Fourth of July parade together,” but not, “Every morning, we go on a power walk together,” unless you have your partner’s approval.


9. Stay sober.

You should never engage in excessive drinking or any illegal drug use with this friend, as sharing “sins” together develops false intimacy, and substance abuse lowers inhibitions.


10. Pay attention to your emotions.

If you begin to feel a romantic attraction to the other person, or if this person begins to express one to you, you must immediately break off all relationships with that person.

I’m glad we live in a society where men and women can share time, thought and even friendships. But when friendship crosses the line, married men and women must be vigilant for risks of potential infidelity, and do everything in their power to be sure that any individual friend is also a friend of the marriage.

Not every relationship has to be romantic, friendship matters too. The best way to prevent your friendship from turning into an affair is to remember and follow these pointers. Because if you do, you don’t need to worry about any kind of romantic complications in your friendship!


If you want to know more about how to prevent your friendship from turning into an affair, check out this video below:

Written By Scott Haltzman
Originally Appeared On Your Tango

10 Ways To Prevent Your Friendship From Turning Into An Affair
10 Ways To Prevent Your Friendship From Turning Into An Affair

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