6 Ways To Prepare When Going No Contact With A Narcissist

going no contact with narcissist

If you feel yourself longing and feeling the nostalgia of the good times, work at shifting out all those feelings as well, all of the good and the missing and the loving ones, as well as the triggered painful traumatic ones.

This really is about cleaning the narcissist out of your Inner Being with your inner work, with Thrive (I’m going to talk more about this at the end of the video) so that you can return home to your own solid self, loving yourself to where you’re not going to accept unhealthy, unsafe love again.

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#5 – Threats And Intimidation

Narcissists may try a variety of ways to get you hooked back in and it might start with threats and then it could move to hoovers, or maybe it’s the other way around. The narcissist may threaten that they’re going to start seeing somebody else, or they’re going to take the kids and the property away from you in court, or the threats may even be physical.

This can be absolutely terrifying and it triggers all of your deepest fears. Narcissists feed off your fear and they usually aren’t at all powerful without it. I can’t tell you how many people – who do the Thriver inner work and release the fears that the narcissist triggers – who have been able to detach and powerfully and fearlessly go through court.

They’ve been able to get great wins defeating narcissists, and are able to rebuild their life. And they discovered that all of the threats turned out to be nothing but hot wind when the narcissist couldn’t get the triggered responses that they were trying to get to derail people that way.

This is what I believe. That when we do Thriver healing, when we let go of the trauma and we fill with Source, which is the light and the power of our super-conscious and highest self. This dissolves darkness powerfully. It really is like having the shield of God, your higher power with you and within you. In the light, there can be no darkness. I’ve seen this happen time and time again.

Having said that, it’s really important to be sensible and also keep safe and make sure you think it out when leaving a potentially dangerous narcissist. And I’m going to put up a link with this video, which is an article of mine that will give you a lot of resources regarding this. And it’s my article Is There a Right Way to Leave a Narcissist? You’ll see it in the show notes.

#6 – Feeling Responsible Or Guilty

You may go through feeling sorry for the narcissist and how he or she may cope without you. Many of us at deep levels almost feel like we were the necessary healers for these people. We even felt like a parent to the broken person that the narcissist was.

Yet the truth is no matter how much you hang in there and try to love them back to health, you are only going to get yourself more abused in the process. So when these feelings arise, don’t succumb to them, do the inner work on them so you can let them go, you can keep cleaning them out, keep healing whatever arises.

If you do that every day, piece by piece, you will see that your trauma symptoms start melting away and you start filling with confidence and self-esteem and hope and energy and Life Force again. When you feel more solid within yourself, then you’re going to be able to build the life that you’re truly born to live.

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