Predictions: New Moon in Taurus – May 15


Travelling, and especially for work, receive gravity. By this I mean, it can become a more often occurrence, as well as, it can become quite successful. But, as it doesn’t come in a stress-free manner, you have to do your best, and you may need to overcome some obstacles. Also, pay attention to the road, while driving. If your line of work is in transportation, even more.

Communication and transportation means may need your care and attention. Malfunctions can happen, so do your best to not let them cause you any inconvenience. Selling such equipment, and buying new such equipment are both possible, and auspicious. Nonetheless, research properly and thoroughly.


Astrology and Magic:

The magic of all kinds is very capable and promising during this waxing Moon. Even more, all kinds of changes are favored.

Predictions by Magical Recipes Online

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Predictions New Moon in Taurus – May 15