Predictions: New Moon in Taurus – May 15

Predictions New Moon in Taurus – May 15


General Predictions:

On May 15, at 11:48UT the Moon meets the Sun in Taurus forming the New Moon.

Just a few hours later, at 15:18 UT, Uranus, in conjunction with Mercury, enters Taurus. From then on, and for about 5 hours, when the Moon exits Taurus, 4 planets – the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, and Uranus – will be in Taurus. But, three will remain until the 21st when the Sun enters Gemini, and the other two will remain until the Full Moon. Well, Uranus will remain there much longer, of course.

This brings a great amount of focus on Taurus, and the Earth signs. Indeed, Both Uranus and Mercury are barely in a triangle with the Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn. Mercury’s triangle will become perfect on the 18th of the month, and will remain active until the 24th. Uranus triangle will get stronger by the day, but won’t become accurate, ever. Informatively, on August it will be at it’s peak, and it will stop being active on early December.

Also, the Retrograde Pluto is in a fading triangle with the Sun in Taurus. This triangle will be affective until the next day of the Full Moon, although the Sun will be in Gemini by then.

Mars, which enters Aquarius the next day f the New Moon will be stressing via squares, both Mercury and Uranus. Mercury not as strongly, and only for a few day, but Uranus very much so, and for the whole waxing Moon period.

Also, the Retrograde Jupiter from Scorpio now is still, barely, in opposition with the Sun. This will stop on the 18th. The very same day, though it will start opposing Mercury, an opposition which will last until the day of the Full Moon. These aspects, are not stress-free, but if we try to do our best, they’ll eventually give us good results.

Back on the auspicious aspects, Neptune from Pisces two days after this New Moon starts blessing Mercury in Taurus through a hexagon, which will be active until the Full Moon’s eve. Furthermore, from the 25th onwards, and almost until the next New Moon, it will be blessing Venus in Cancer via a triangle.

Finally, Taurus ruler, Venus, is in a hexagon with Uranus, for a few days while still in Gemini, but then from Cancer. This hexagon will remain active until the eve of the Full Moon. Even more, until the 20th, from Gemini, it will be in a hexagon with Mercury in Taurus, as well.

So, yes, Taurus has many energies on itself, as all planets, indeed, are either in Taurus or interact with the planets in Taurus. Even more, Uranus demands flexibility, despite being in the most inflexible zodiac, and has Mercury making its demand even stronger. And in the same time, the inflexible Saturn, retrograde even worse, restricts this flexibility, and Mars raises the stress and irritability.

So, this is an important period. Balancing our energies will be important as the strongest of those energies are not very compatible one with the other. But, if we manage to do that, and we manage to adapt to the changes, and become more flexible, then we can also achieve many good things. In my opinion, this is a New Moon, and a waxing Moon period of alert. Don’t let “fate” rule your life. Create your fate according to your plans and desires.