Predictions: New Moon in Gemini – June 13

Predictions: New Moon in Gemini – June 13

General Predictions for the New Moon:

On June 13, at 19:44 UT the Moon meets the Sun in Gemini, forming the New Moon.

Mercury has enter Cancer since the previous day, and Venus enters Leo a few hours after the New Moon. Also, on the 21st of the month, at 10:07 UT, the Sun enters Cancer indicating the Summer Solstice, or the Winter one for the Southern Hemisphere. Just informatively, Mars at that time will be very active, making it a very fiery Solstice.

50% of the Planets in Retrograde motion:

Although no other planet changes its position during the waxing Moon period, two more planets turn retrograde. Neptune turns retrograde on the 18th of the month, and Mars on the 26th of the month, almost two days before the Full Moon. So, the Full Moon will be formed under the influence of five planets in retrograde motion. This is the second greatest amount of retrograde activity this year. On top of that, the coming Full Moon will initiate the ecliptic period which will last until the 26th of August. Informatively the greatest retrograde activity, with six planets in retrograde motion then, will happen during the ecliptic period, from August 7 to August 19, and in the midst of it the third and last eclipse will take place.

A Magically strong New Moon and waxing Moon period:

Neptune in Pisces will be quite strong during the whole period, before and after turning into retrograde motion. The Retrograde Jupiter from Scorpio supports it via a near-perfect triangle. From three days after the New Moon and until the Full Moon, Mercury from Cancer will also support Neptune via a triangle, which will become perfect on the day of the Solstice. And even the Retrograde Pluto from Capricorn supports Neptune through a hexagon. It’s a mild one, but, under the circumstances, significant enough. Mercury also supports Uranus via a hexagon which is perfect the day of the New Moon. All this activity, makes the period quite capable for magic. Even more so since the Solstice is in the middle of it.

On the negative side, Venus, Mars and, even more, the Retrograde Saturn receive much stress. Mercury, the Sun and the Retrograde Jupiter, too, receive some stress.

So, this is an important and capable period, but not an easy one. Even more, because of the great retrograde activity, correcting and healing situations can help us advance the best way. On the other hand, actual advancement and openings of any kind should be done under good consideration. Of course, as the ecliptic period is coming just after, it’s better do such things now, than during the ecliptic period.

Predictions for Aries:

Things seem to get slower and slower this period. The excessive retrograde activity is the most important reason for that. Even more, as Mars, the ruler of your zodiac, slows down and finally turns retrograde, this feeling will become even more intense. All of you will feel this strongly, but those born in the first 20 degrees of the zodiac, as well as all having their Ascendant there, even more so. You have to slow down your pace. Even if you don’t do it voluntarily, life will force you do it. This is not the best period for advancements. In some cases, the best thing you can do is, actually, to take a step back. It is, though, a good period for research, rethinking, and for acquiring, or bettering, your knowledge and skills.

Health is also quite sensitive. Resting enough, correcting your dietary habits and keeping your emotional balance can become important helpers on the subject. On the other hand, avoid excessive working out and dangerous sports, or at least be extra careful.

Magical Suggestions: Meditative techniques are both capable and very helpful for you this period. Recalling and changing the past, too. The same goes for acquiring, empowering, or putting back in action, mental and spiritual abilities

Predictions for Taurus:

Trade and sales of all kind, advertising yourself and your business, as well as your engagement with your social media and web pages are more likely to be successful during this period. Profitable, too. The only problem work can provide is probably it being too busy. Watch your tendency to overwork and overtire yourself. In fact, find some time to rest and relax, if possible in a daily bases. Also, avoid excessive work out, especially if you are not used to it. Although finances are mostly good, a few days before until a few days after the Solstice some stress may occur on the matter, especially for those in a relationship, as their partner may play a role in it. Calmingly dealing with it is the best policy.

Also, this is a good period for upgrading your image and your social circle – both in everyday life and on social media – and also your knowledge. In fact, it’s both a good period to learn things, and to pass knowledge about things you have a proficiency in.

Magical Suggestions: Summoning interesting people, including friends, potential lovers, etc. Beautification of all kinds. Money and prosperity magic, too, but maybe not as strongly as the others mentioned.

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