Predictions: New Moon in Aries – April 15-16




Predictions for Capricorn:

Saturn turning retrograde in your zodiac is not the best omen. Pluto following the example can make things even worse. So, taking care of yourself and your mood in every possible way is a must for this lunar month. The Sun from Taurus supporting Saturn, though, promises that not all is bad. In fact, if you manage to overcome your negative outlook and your tendency to abandon all effort, things are more likely to go your way. Even more, successes you achieve under such circumstances are going to last for long. So, support and promote yourself and your goals, despite the difficulties.

In most cases, though, the difficulties will be purely internal, or mostly so. The outer world, instead, seems to give you many reasons to feel happy and probably lucky, too. Family can become a little tiresome until the 20th, but other than that, things will be mostly good. This affects your love life, your personal life, and your work. From the 20th to the 24th of the month you’ll probably have the best days of the period. Even the Moon stressing Saturn and Pluto the two of the days, won’t be enough to completely overcome the blessings of these days.



Predictions for Aquarius:

Friends, family, and lovers play important role in your life during this waxing Moon period, and a beneficial one, that is. Especially for the singles and those in a fresh relationship, after the 24th of the month, love life gets better and probably luckier. Also, family, although its role is mostly beneficial, can occasionally have a burdening, restricting, or discouraging effect in your psychology.

Actually, your mood, your psychology, and your thoughts and imagination are the most important parameters of the period, and the ones you should pay attention at. Your fears and insecurities, your self-restrictions and every negative feeling and thought you have for yourself and your life can become stronger during this period. Especially so when Pluto will be in retrograde motion. Nonetheless, these are resurfacing in order to get healed. So, face them and heal them. Emotional and psychological healing are also strong this period, and especially after the 20th of the month when the Sun will be blessing such procedures. Chiron entering Aries in the square with the Retrograde Saturn will also promote the need for such healing, most likely by triggering the situations that will make these issues clearer to you.



Daily Predictions for Pisces:

Social activity and social presence become even more important during this waxing Moon period. Stress and difficulties are present, especially if you have a specific goal to achieve through your social engagements, but the odds of success are in your favor. In most cases, not giving up means success. Of course, this includes internet socialization, as well. Family can also become a problem on this field as it seeks for your attention and time. Finding a balance is the best strategy, but the silver lining can be, occasionally, difficult to spot.

With Mercury now in direct motion, trade becomes much better. The retrograde Saturn affecting this aspect of your life can cause some difficulties, but after the 20th of the month, when the Sun will support Saturn, also from a place that affects trade, things will become significantly better. Other kinds of business will also receive some help. Working on your web-pages and social media pages and professional profiles is highly recommended. It may need much work and it may seem a little meaningless from time to time. Nevertheless, doing that will support you, not only during this lunar month but for a long time after that, as well.