Predictions: New Moon in Aries – April 15-16



Predictions for Leo:

There is a great focus on career and work matters during this period, and now, for the most of it at least, things there seem to get in order and proceed in the right direction. Students and everyone working, or intend to start working, with their minds mostly, receive even more of the blessings of the period. Things won’t be all easy. Especially so after the 17th of the month, but you can make it. Your most important opponent is yourself. Giving up is the only way to fail. Keep in mind though that your vitality may not be in top condition this period, and this can also be part of the problem. Therefore, make sure you find time to rest and relax, and do take good care of yourself.

Your social life and your social status also become important during this period. These parts of your life seem to receive much more blessings than stress, so things will be pleasant, even if they get tiresome occasionally. Permanent changes in career, social life, and social status, as well as in the way you live your life can happen. These, too, will be mostly good ones. You may even expect them. Nonetheless, they may find you unprepared and they may bring some stress while they are happening.



Predictions for Virgo:

This is quite a good New Moon and quite a good lunar month for you. Joy is still present and now it comes more naturally. This happens mostly because of your previous efforts to prepare the field for it. If you neglected doing that during the previous lunar month, then things won’t come as easily, though. Also, now that Mercury has turned back in direct motion, traveling can also bring you joy. The whole waxing Moon period is good for this, but the dates from the 20th to the 24th are the best. Love can also be affected positively by that. Finding a new love in your travels is possible. Visiting a lover living afar, or receiving a visit from them is, too, possible.

Work and business matters receive a boosting. It’s not a stress-free blessing, but it is a blessing, nonetheless. Jobs that deal with other countries or people from other countries, business having their base or headquarters in other countries, and business that cooperate with companies from other countries, receive the most powerful help. Nevertheless, all kinds of business will enjoy these blessings. Money can improve, but even more so, success is coming. And this should be your target. Success, after all, will bring money. Finally, studies follow a similar pattern.



Predictions for Libra:

Home and family receive much of the focus of this New Moon and the waxing Moon period. Healing and bettering your relationships with the family members, supporting them and receiving support from them, and creating a more satisfactory environment to live in, become important for you. And you do seem to make some progress there. It won’t be a stressless task, in most cases, but, if you don’t give up, the good results will be long-lasting ones.