Predictions: New Moon in Aries – April 15-16


Dancing, theatre and the active arts in general also receive much support. Studies, as well as slow-yet-steady advancements in these fields, can happen. In addition, for all artists, this is not the best period for creation. It’s a good period to get yourself and your work known to the world. It won’t be an easy task, but it can produce long-lasting effects. Mind that, creating a bad name is just as much supported, so be careful.

Finally, other than Pluto empowering philters, perfumes, potions and the like, all year long, there is no much focus in magic during this period. Energy methods may receive some, though. Not much, but some. Of course, as we’ve said, energy healing is strong. Of course, the coming Full Moon happening under Beltane’s power makes the second half of the waxing Moon period quite a strong magical period.


Predictions for Aries:

Mercury on your zodiac, now in direct motion, will be in a blissful hexagon with Venus in Gemini from the 24th onwards, until the end of the Lunar month, when Mercury and Uranus will exit your zodiac. Also, your governor, Mars, from Capricorn interacts with Uranus in your zodiac. This interaction is stressful, being it a square. But this will affect you only if you are trying to achieve significant changes in your life. If so, be prepared for some difficulties, but do your best now, as after the Full Moon and until Uranus exits your zodiac in the next New Moon, things will be even more difficult. In some cases, though, some changes may be forced upon you. Keep in mind that these changes will be more stressful than negative. So, stay calm and think how you can make the most out of those.

Money matters and career matters receive very positive vibes. Yes, there is some stress. Most of it about career matters than money matters. Nonetheless, good things are happening and things proceed towards the right direction. Works where communications or transportations are the important part of them will receive the most blessings. Similarly, jobs where learning and your mental abilities are important will also be productive and lucky.



Predictions for Taurus:

This waxing Moon and half of the coming waning Moon is a very important period for you. So, try to make the most out of it. Especially the period forms the 20th to the 24th when both the Sun and your zodiac’s ruler will be in your zodiac. The whole year emphasizes in love life, but this period a little less. Those in a relationship will have a mostly calm or healing period, depending on your relationship. For those seeking a new relationship, healing past experiences can help you raise your odds.

The need for freedom and freely expressing yourself remains strong, but now in a more harmonious way. Luck and events can even help you do it, or encourage you to do it. Other than this bringing you some pleasure, it also produces a long-lasting self-healing, so allow it to happen. Saturn turning retrograde can mean that you restrain yourself more. Don’t overdo that!