Predictions: New Moon in Aries – April 15-16

Predictions New Moon in Aries – April 15-16


General Predictions:
On April 16 2018, at 1:57 UT the Moon meets the Sun in Aries, forming the New Moon.

Just a few hours prior this, Mercury turns in direct motion, and this is the beginning of the change of the planetary senary. On April 17, Chiron enters Aries to remain there until 2026. It will return for a short, six-month long visit, later in the year, though. Also on April 17, Saturn in Capricorn turns Retrograde and will remain so until the 5th of September. Then on the 20th of April, the Sun enters Taurus. On the 22nd Pluto turns retrograde. Then, finally (for the waxing Moon, that is) Venus enters Gemini on the 24th.

Right now, Venus plays a significant role. It opposes the Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio and it’s in the triangle with Pluto in Capricorn. Both this aspects will be in effect until the 24th of the month. Of course, Jupiter and Pluto are in a hexagon. Venus’ hexagon with Neptune is still active but loses power by the day and will cease its activity on the 21st of the month, but then. On the other hand, since the day of the New Moon, and until a little after the Full Moon, Venus is in a hexagon with Chiron.

Mars’ and Saturn’s conjunction, the main parameter of the previous lunar month, remains active until the 22nd, but it has lost most of its energy and power. This is both good and bad. The tension calms down a bit. Saturn will continue receiving stress from Mercury until the 22nd, but this aspect is also not as strong as during the previous lunar month. Even more, from the 20th onwards, the Sun starts supporting Saturn. So, Saturn, other than being now in retrograde motion, is much calmer.


What does all these mean?

The general scenery calms down a bit, although not too much. The many slow-moving retrograde planets show an under the surface tension. Also, Uranus getting ready to enter Taurus in the day of the next New Moon, is not the best omen, as we’ve seen in the annual horoscope.

We are entering a period of nourishment of our plans and of perfecting our methods. A time when we are reviewing our lives and plans. We correct the details. We are making better what we already are and have. Or at least, that’s what we should be doing. This is not the best period to move forward, though. We should be reluctant when it comes to new beginnings, expansions and things like those. If we want to advance, we need to empower our foundations, and then, proceed slowly and safely.

Love life loses some of its focus, but it doesn’t necessarily become unlucky or bad. On the contrary, healing there is very strong now, although, not necessarily in a pleasant way. Healing, sometimes, can mean ending unhealthy relationships.

Acupuncture, Reiki, bioenergy, and all forms of energy healing become stronger and more effective. This is a good period to practice such methods and better your skills there. It’s a good period for receiving such treatments, too. Those working as such kind of healers can have a better period workwise, too.