Predictions For Each Sign: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July 13

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Predictions for Libra:

Job and career are affected by the Solar Eclipse in many ways. Your finances are part of it. Changes there can happen, pleasant or unpleasant ones, but – in most cases – beneficial ones at the end. Changes of jobs, changes in your selection of career, and also breakthroughs there and shakeups can all occur. Your personal relationships and that means friends and lovers, are put under test and the can bring some stress in your life. This isn’t necessarily a pleasant experience but it’s a healing one, nonetheless. Whatever ends it’s for your best to end.

Computers and other such equipment can have some issues. Repairs and changes of those may become mandatory. Do your best to keep them in good condition and back up your important files. Especially so if your job and income depend on them.


Predictions for Scorpio:

This Eclipse has a good face for you, especially because Jupiter in your zodiac is now in direct motion and – during the eclipse – in a weak, but still active, a triangle with the Sun. Career opportunities can come your way. If you are the one that will take the first step in that direction, it can bring good luck in the long run. Of course, difficulties and stress may accompany this procedure, but it is a beneficial one, nonetheless. If you are reluctant on taking the first step, you may get forced to do it in a less pleasant way.

Studies and spiritual studies receive some stress form the Eclipse. Changes there can happen. Sometimes quite dramatic ones, but in any case good ones. Health is sensitive, mostly because of some unbalance in your energies and an inner metamorphosis taking place. Try to find some time to relax and to balance yourself.


Predictions for Sagittarius:

It would be wise to be extra careful during this Eclipse period. Avoid as much as possible any dangerous activities and habits and be extra careful with those whenever you can’t avoid them. Spending some quiet time in a home can be a good idea, both to avoid any accidents and because your other half may need your support as they may go through some personal or financial crisis. In most cases, though, this brings stress home but doesn’t cause problems in your relationship with them.

Finances may get a little stressful. Especially if you have neglected some obligations, like taxes, loans, etc. Dreams and other spiritual and mental activities can become very active. In sometimes uncontrollably so and unpleasantly so. Dreams and thoughts of death can come to you, as well as spirits. This is a general aspect of the Eclipse, but it’s even stronger for you.


Predictions for Capricorn:

This Eclipse brings your focus in your love life, one way or the other. If you are in a relationship, try to make sure you’ll have some time to spend with your special someone. Problems and issues in your relationship can come to light. This, in most cases, is an unpleasant procedure. Nonetheless, it’s a healing one. Strong relationships will face the problems and get stronger and healthier. Those not as strong, though, will perish. If you aren’t in a relationship, this on its own may be the issue that will come to light. Facing it with a clear mind may help you understand why it’s happening and what you can do to achieve what you want. Friendships can also follow a similar procedure.

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