Predictions For Each Sign: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July 13

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Predictions for Cancer:

The Eclipse influences your finances, but in most cases not in a really bad way. Overall this month is beneficial for your finances, and it is getting stronger and luckier. Usually, in periods like this, it’s easy to overlook mistakes, problems, and issues there, as our good luck covers up for our negligence. But the Eclipse won’t let you do that. So, this can be not that pleasant, but it’s a good thing, for sure. Mistakes and problems can become very clear. Sometimes, annoyingly so. Don’t get too bothered. Instead, look at them with a clear mind and find what needs changing. Then act upon it.

Also, as it happens with everyone because of the Grand Triangle changing is happening for you, too. In your case, this can be an even more intense experience. Most likely, an inner one and, also, a much more complete one. Redefining yourself is coming to you, willingly or not, at least to a degree. Make good use of this influence and it will make your life much happier.


Predictions for Leo:

As the Eclipse happens in your House of Spirituality it will affect all your spiritual practices and abilities. It can also affect spiritual schools, teachers and the like, as well as organizations you are involved with. Changes there may happen, whether you want it, or not. In most cases, unpleasant as they may be, they will be good in the long run, though. Your abilities will become stronger, but sometimes they won’t be under your control. So, be extra careful in your practices.

The most important thing, though, is that this Solar Eclipse forces you through a personal metamorphosis. You (re)learn yourself, your wishes and your dreams, and you change yourself and habits, the way you are thinking, living and acting and even your looks. This Eclipse is only the beginning of that matter. The next one will keep forcing you on that way, but the effect will be present for about half a year.


Predictions for Virgo:

You are one of the lucky signs of the Eclipse as it affects you mostly indirectly. Your friends and friendships will be challenged by the Eclipse. This can produce some stress on you too, of course. But, despite this being an unpleasant experience, most probably, it will be a beneficial one, at the end. Good friendships will become healthier and stronger. Only the unhealthy ones are in real danger. Parents and parent figures may also put some stress upon you, most probably of a financial nature.

Cars, phones and the like can be affected stressfully by the Eclipse. Services and changes of those may become necessary. Avoid unnecessary driving, and when you drive, be a little extra careful. Also, your spiritual life can change somehow. In most cases, though, this isn’t a dramatic change but a rather small one.

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