Predictions For Each Sign: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July 13

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 July 12, 2018

Predictions: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer – July 13

General Predictions of the Solar Eclipse:

On July 13 at 02:48 UT the Moon meets the Sun in Cancer forming the New Moon. This new Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, and the first one of the three Eclipses of this period.

The dark face of the Solar Eclipse:

The Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn is strongly affected by this Solar Eclipse in a stressful way. That’s because the Sun and the Moon accurately oppose Pluto today, and almost accurately at the moment of the Eclipse.

Our mood and emotional health need attention and care. The Solar Eclipse will awake – and most probably has already started doing so – our fears guilt and other negative feelings and thoughts. It does that so that we can realize them, face them and heal them. Nonetheless, the procedure won’t be a pleasant one. It probably wouldn’t be very pleasant even if the aspects encouraging it was auspicious. Even less so under the circumstances. The best thing we can do in such cases takes the initiate. Meditation, especially, can be very helpful. Not only because it’s a calming method, but also because Saturn is in great power. Potions and aromatherapy, which are under Pluto’s influences, can also help a great deal.

The presence of death will be strong, too. Thoughts of death, near death experiences, accidents, or thoughts about the meaning of our own lives – them, most probably, with a depressing hue – can happen. In most cases, though, this will be all, once again thanks to Saturn’s protection. Also, the spiritual world will be very interactive with the material one

Also on the negative side, the Eclipse is happening under a strong retrograde activity. Thankfully Jupiter in Scorpio has turned in direct motion, so only 4 of the major planets are in retrograde motion, right now. Five, including Chiron. “Only 4”, though, is the 40% of the planets, so it’s still a strong retrograde activity. This activity brings delays, calls for a slow pace and demands to think and plan carefully our movements. On the other hand, the Eclipse demands agility and speed. This is not a harmonious combination, and that produces stress which will manifest in many forms.


The bright face of the Solar Eclipse – The Grand Triangle of Earth:

But there is some very good news, too. A Grand Triangle is active on the Earth signs. The Uranus from Taurus, Venus from Virgo and Saturn from its own house, Capricorn, are in a harmonious triangle which is almost perfect during the Eclipse and will be active until the 21st. But even after then, Saturn and Uranus will still be in the triangle. And an even stronger, to boot.

This triangle encourages us to change. It gives us, also, the power and the energy to do it. Saturn’s influence gives us the wisdom, too. During the Eclipse a very week hexagon between Saturn and Jupiter is active, too, and this empowers somewhat the wish manifestation, both with magical ways and mundane ones. This hexagon won’t get any stronger, but it will be active until the next Eclipse.

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