Predictions: Full Moon in Virgo on March 1-2


Just to make things clear, this isn’t a bad period. Other than the stress over money, and a little stress in your love life, this is probably quite a pleasant period.


Predictions for Capricorn:

Saturn is usually gentler to you when is in your zodiac, than for anyone else when it is in their zodiac, but not during this period. Right now it gives you a general stress and challenges most, if not all, of the aspects of your life. On top of that, having Mars awakening your fears and insecurities, doesn’t help. But, for the very same reason, these two planets give you the energy, the power and the ability to be victorious. To achieve that, though, you must find the will to fight and the discipline to keep fighting. Well, I say “fight”, but in fact “heal” would be more accurate, as you need to heal and overcome your fears, your insecurities, and your stress. Fighting against other people will probably give you more troubles.

In actuality, other people can become your allies and your support. Most of the people you know and interact with tend to be supportive towards you. In some cases, even those who usually aren’t so can become a little supportive now. In other cases, these people will leave you alone most of the time. Expanding your social circle is also something you can do during this period. It actually can happen to a degree without your effort. The people you tend to attract now, tend to be beneficial influences in your life. Social media and other internet socialization can also help you in this matter.

Finally, work receives some support too. If it has to do with trade, communications, transportations, high-tech equipment of any kind, or it requires social skills and many interactions with people, then it gets even more support.


Predictions for Aquarius:

It will be beneficial for you to practice conscious optimism during this period. You tend to lose hope quite easily. Depending, of course, on your personality, it may be “reduce” rather than “hope” and “easier” rather than “easily”, of course. Nonetheless, supporting your optimism will be helpful. Your spouse, or current love, can a little be stressed during this period, so they are probably not great support. In actuality, you may need to support them. To do that, you first need to support yourself. Despite this emotional disturbance, most things on the outer world proceed quite nicely. Realising that, and experiencing that, will help them become even better.

Work, career and financial matters receive the most blessings. Artists, teachers, students and healthcare professionals will receive even more such blessings. Good luck supports your efforts in the field. In some cases, it will be present even when you don’t feel like giving the effort, but do make good use of this luck. Of course, if you work for it, it will become even greater. Your financial status and capability tend to become better during this period. Finding a job, if you don’t have one, is rather possible. If you search for one, that is. If you have one, trying for a better one, or trying to make a better income, if it can produce one, are both supported. Gaining the support of a sponsor, or an otherwise influential person, is also possible.