Predictions: Full Moon in Virgo on March 1-2



Predictions for Scorpio:

Money receives some stressful influences. Unpredicted expenses or the after-effects of some overspending you’ve already done can be the cause of it. Health also receives some stressful influences, so take good care of yourself. Health-related expenses are also possible. If they are not of the mandatory type, then think twice before making them right now. For instance, you’ll prefer to avoid starting going to the gym or buying many food supplements, or some working out equipment. Visiting your doctor, if it comes to it, and following their advice should not be avoided, though. Obviously. Musculoskeletal system, the legs, the respiratory, the stomach and the skin are the most sensitive areas during this period. If you have an issue with any of these, pay some extra attention in advance.

Despite money receiving unpleasant influences, work receives quite pleasant ones. It also receives some problematic ones, but the beneficial ones are much stronger. They’ll get even stronger as the days pass, too. Starting a new business is not supported or stressed anyhow, but expanding your existing one is supported. Finding a new job, getting a better work position, advancing in your job in any possible way, all receive beneficial influences. In short, things are getting better. Keep in mind, though, that “better” doesn’t necessarily mean more profitable. It can mean that, but not necessarily.

Finally, love life receives some blessings. Finding a new love isn’t out of the question, but in general, the beneficial energies will help you better the everyday situation of your current love life. Trying to make a significant change can cause some stress. Planning for it can produce the exact opposite result.


Predictions for Sagittarius:

Money can get less than happy, but not really bad, during this period. If your income depends on your activities, then work the best way you can, and things can get better. Not that easily probably, but they most probably will. If you are searching for a job, then, again, do the best you can about it, and you’ll probably make it. Supporting your self-confidence will also help you, both on this aspect and in every other aspect of your life.

If your income is a steady one, then try to reduce your expense. Better yet, organize them rather than simply cutting whatever seems unnecessary. In fact, denying yourself every kind of joy and luxury the money can buy, is not the best solution. Saturn will be challenging your financials for a little less than three more years, after all. Organising them in a way you’ll both cover your needs and enjoy your life, is the best policy.

Family, and the people you consider as such, seem to be quite supportive towards you, in the ways they can do that. At least, most of the times. Asking for what you need can bring even more helpful to you. Even if they can’t help you with whatever you need, they may know of somebody who can. Even more, as the Universe listens to you, it may bring the right person to you. So, take the first step.