Predictions: Full Moon in Virgo on March 1-2

Predictions: Full Moon in Virgo on March 1-2

General Predictions:

On March 2, at 00:51 UT the Moon from Virgo accurately opposes the Sun in Pisces, forming the full Moon. This is an important Full Moon and an important warning Moon period. Many energies come together, and about half of them are inauspicious.

Indeed, the for some months relaxed Saturn now gets stressed. Mercury and Venus will move in Aries and from there, they will start stressing Saturn via a square each. Both the planets will enter Aries on the 6th of the month and we’ll feel them stressing Saturn right away. In fact, some of us may feel these influences even a little earlier.

Mars also gets aggressive. Mercury and Venus start squaring Mars even a few days before the Full Moon and they will continue doing so Mercury until the Third Quarter and Venus for a few more days after then. And even after then this fiery planet won’t be silent, as its conjunction with Saturn will start being active. A conjunction is an auspicious aspect, but Saturn won’t be in good mood, so the extra fire can have more than some negative side effects.

But, Mercury and Venus won’t produce only negative influences. They are in conjunction, and this is a good thing. They also conjunct Chiron. This is also a very promising thing. Karma knocks our doors in a good way. Karmic love can also appear during this period. They also conjunct Neptune. Magic and healing are getting stronger. Their hexagons with Pluto will also empower both of these qualities, and it will give more power and effectiveness to all medicines, filters, and potions. Of course, love to will be benefited. Even more, they form a triangle with Jupiter. Luck and “expansions” in love life, studies, and spiritual activities will be present.

Sun also plays a very beneficial role during this period. It relieves some of the tension of Saturn by blessing the planet via a hexagon. Even more, via a triangle with Jupiter, makes good luck for almost everything, a dependable quality. Difficulties will be present, but we, most likely, are able to overcome them. In some cases, even turn them into blessings.

The second great blessing of the previous period, other than the “easygoing” Saturn, the fact that all the planets were in direct motion, ends during this waning Moon. Jupiter turns retrograde on the 9th of the month. Later, during the upcoming waxing Moon, Mercury will do the same.

So yes, this is not the luckiest Full Moon ever, but it’s not all bad. It’s a hard and stressed Full Moon, but it’s also one with the promise of bright victories. We just need to work for them. And we should better do that.


Predictions for Aries:

This is an important period. Magic and intuition, as well as all psychic and mental abilities, are strong and productive. Use them to help you advance and reach your goals. Getting better in the use of such abilities is also favored. This influence will also bring luck to those who work with these abilities, like psychics and mages.