Full Moon & Blue Moon In Libra: Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign


Predictions for Libra:

For those in a marriage or a relationship, love life is a little challenging. What isn’t in harmony with your wishes can feel quite depressing. Discussing things with your other half can also be difficult, especially when the Moon stresses Mercury. But you have the chance to connect deeper with your other half. At least until the 9th of the month. They seem to be more open to you. If you manage to do this until then, afterward the progress will continue. If not, then things will be much more difficult. sex can be your best ally. Engage in sexual activities with your love as much as possible.

Financials become better this period. Venus, your zodiac’s ruler, blesses both your traditional money planet (Mars) and your nowadays money planet (Pluto). These blessings are neither stress-free nor too generous, but progress can happen there. Don’t rely on your luck, though. You need to do your best for this “luck” to manifest and to bring the best results.


Predictions for Scorpio:

The stress in your love life is less during this period. Actually, there are some really beneficial influences. Your love planet (Venus) blesses both the traditional ruler of your zodiac (Mars) and the nowadays ruler of your sign (Pluto). So, good things can happen there. For the singles, the best period is until the 9th of the month. For those in a relationship, depends on the quality of the relationship. Good ones will have an even better period after the 9th of the month, while problematic relationships will have the best period until then. Solving problems in a relationship is more possible until the 9th of the month.

Other than that, this is a very busy, and probably stressfully so, period. It can become productive, but you have to set things in order to achieve that. Otherwise, the situations will take control of your life. Health is also a little sensitive and a tendency to overtire yourself is present the whole period. Take good care of yourself.


Predictions for Sagittarius:

Financial matters receive both stressful and beneficial influences. Expenses may be greater than you were expecting, and some of them, unavoidable. Reduce your unnecessary expenses, but don’t deny yourself every form of joy and luxury. Work, on the other hand, can provide you with more money. Bonuses raise your salary and other similar things may happen. If you have applied for a job with a better salary, odds are in your favor.

New such applications are not as favorable, though. This is unless you receive such offers, or you were searching or waiting for a particular position. Otherwise, thinking and researching for your possible options for the future is more favorable than actually applying for such positions, or acting upon such decisions. Of course, if the opportunity comes, go for it.


Predictions for Capricorn:

In most aspects, this will be a continuation of the waxing Moon period, but it will be better, for the most of it. The stress isn’t as strong, as the challenges aren’t as great. On the other hand, you are probably a little tired, and more sensitive. Thus, the situations can affect you a little more strongly. Rest, relax and support yourself and your mood, and things will be much better.

Some good luck and happiness enter the game now. You feel more proud of yourself, in a good way. You probably are more satisfied with yourself and your efforts. That’s good. Focus on this. You also seem more brilliant than usual. You can see people enjoying your presence more. They want to be with you, more. If you are searching a relationship, this brilliance of yours can help you. So, go out and hunt! If you are in a relationship, your other half will enjoy your company more, so your time with them will be more pleasant. After the 9th of the month, though, if your relationship is problematic, you will feel it more intensively, even if the situations don’t call for it.


Predictions for Aquarius:

The waning Moon period will be quite a busy one, but in fact not as busy and the waxing Moon period. At the very least, not as stressfully busy. In fact, people around you, and even more your family and other similarly important people to you, offer you much support. Nonetheless, you feel the stress more intensively. Do relax and take good care of yourself and your mood.

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