Predictions for the New Black Moon in Leo – 31 July/01 August 2019

 July 31, 2019

Predictions for the New Black Moon in Leo

New Moon Predictions for Libra:

There is some stress regarding work, during this period. It’s not so much that things are not going well. Rather that it feels like you have to do too much work for little (or less than you’d expect) reward. Jobs based on the internet and technology can be affected a bit more intensively by this influence. But work is productive, nonetheless. And, also, colleagues, partners and the like are mostly cooperative. They may give you some difficulties at times, they may annoy you at other times, but overall, they are helping and supporting you.

Your social life and all forms of it, receive mostly beneficial influences. Jobs that make use of social skills and connections will be easier and more successful, too. Also, it’s a good period to reconnect with people you lost contact with and connect with new people. Searching for schools or other methods of acquiring more knowledge also receives help.

New Moon Predictions for Scorpio:

There may be some tension and some occasional problems with your business partners and your bosses, but, overall all work, career and money matters receive much support from this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. It’s a good period for establishing a new business. Nonetheless, don’t make haste to do that. The retrograde activity is still strong and demands second thoughts. After the 11th, when Jupiter will be in direct motion, things will be much easier.

The law can stress you, too, during this period. It’s better not to challenge it. Also, it’s not a very good period for finding new business partners. If you need to, be extra careful and extra thorough. Also, those whose career depends on the opinion of the people should be extra mindful of what they are doing and saying.

New Moon Predictions for Sagittarius:

Work can be a little stressful, under the influences of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period, but, probably, more in order that it was until now. Progress is happening, but some focus on details, avoiding mistakes and the flexibility of your strategies may be helpful. Health also is a bit sensitive and resting well can be what you need.

Other then than those, though, things are mostly good and the period is mostly pleasant, for all matters. Singles may encounter a karmic love, or they may realise what they really should be searching for. Travelling is mostly auspicious and advancing in your projects and goals is quite feasible.

New Moon Predictions for Capricorn:

Love life needs some care and attention, during this period, for those in a relationship. Those seeking one will probably encounter some difficulties in achieving their objective. Some adjustments in your tactics, or target groups may help you find a more suitable lover more easily. Furthermore, money, and especially the spending of it, needs some attention and wisdom.

Nonetheless, money isn’t really bad. In fact, your income is steady, or gets better. Also, your magical and spiritual powers are quite strong. Therefore, you can use them to support your finances. Work related decisions receive auspicious energies, and those you’ve already made are likely to find a way to start becoming a reality.