Predictions for the New Black Moon in Leo – 31 July/01 August 2019

 July 31, 2019

Predictions for the New Black Moon in Leo

New Moon Predictions for Gemini:

Social life becomes much more active under the influences of this New Moon and this waxing Moon period. And mostly in a pleasant way, too. Misunderstandings and miscommunications, for you, are still possible, despite that Mercury turns back into direct motion. Also, problems in your personal relationships may become a bit more vivid, but, this happens to clear up the scenery and heal the problems.

Work also becomes more productive. Trade, especially, as well as jobs based on transportations and communications, will enjoy this influence even more. Meeting new people, finding new friend, new jobs, new partners, etc is quite possible. In many cases, luck will bring you such opportunities on its own. Nonetheless, do your best to support your luck.

New Moon Predictions for Cancer:

Work, career and money matters seem to be your top priority during this period. Progress there is happening, too. Money can become a bit stressful. Especially if you let your expenses to get out of your control. In most cases, though, there is more stress than necessary. So, calming down and looking things more objectively can help you a lot. Your high-tech equipment can also cause you some unsettlement.

Most of the focus on work, career and money, though is happening for a good reason. Finding a better job is possible. Raising your income, too. It’s also a good period for expanding your business. Finally, there is some energy flowing in your health. For the most of it, this is a good thing. Just make sure you don’t overestimate your strengths.

New Moon Predictions for Leo:

There is some stress regarding work and career matters raising during this period. The New Moon and the waxing Moon period can bring you face to face with your fears and insecurities on the subject, but they also provide you with enough help to overcome them. You may need to be more flexible and adjustable, though.

Other than that, the period is mostly pleasant and happy for you. Love life receives much help, too. Those seeking a new relationship can meet some (in some cases many) interesting people. Also, studies and all works of the mind, as well as travelling receive much support.

New Moon Predictions for Virgo:

Studies and similar occupations and avocations can become quite stressful, today. Authors, teachers, and all who do an intellectual job can experience this influence, too. In most cases, the stress is greater than the circumstances call for, tough. Furthermore your inner fears and insecurities can come to light.

In the same time there is a very strong power coming from within, to support you. Use this power and you’ll overcome any possible problem. Moreover, you can achieve significant success. Your magical and spiritual powers are also strong, so use them, too. Home and family can be much more pleasant. It’s also a good period to find a new home, or to move in to one.