Predictions for the New Black Moon in Leo – 31 July/01 August 2019

 July 31, 2019

Predictions for the New Black Moon in Leo

General Predictions for the New Moon in Leo:

OAugust the 1st, at 03:12 UT, the Moon meets the Sun, in Leo, forming the New Moon. Because of the actual time the New Moon occurs, the American continent will receive it on the 31st of July, making it a Black Moon, while the rest continents will have a Black Moon on the 30th of August.

Under the direct influences of the New Moon, the Retrograde Chiron, the almost stationary Uranus, Venus and Jupiter are directly affected. Other than Uranus, the rest in a beneficial manner. Furthermore, Venus interacts beneficially for most of the waxing moon period with Chiron and Jupiter and stressfully with Uranus. So, these three planets and the fields of life they affect for each of us, will be under this New Moon’s focus.

The Sun also affects all the three planets. Venus, Jupiter and Chiron in a beneficial way, while it stresses Uranus. This is mostly good news. The two Lucky Stars – Jupiter and the Sun – in a harmonious cooperation is always a good thing. And Mars still supporting Jupiter can make things happen more quickly, despite the retrograde motion of Jupiter. From the 4th onwards, Mars and Venus will also be in conjunction, which will make things even better. The accurate conjunction, though, will happen during the waning Moon.

The other important thing that this New Moon brings is the end of the influences of the Ecliptic period. Furthermore, Mercury turns back into direct motion the very day of the New Moon, less than an hour after the precise Sun-Moon conjunction. It will also be returning back into Leo on the 11th of the month, a few days before the Full Moon. Also, on the same day, Jupiter is turning back into direct motion, and almost half a day later Uranus is turning into retrograde motion.

Pluto, is still very active. Mostly beneficially, now. Nonetheless, that means that our emotional health and well being may be challenged and needs some extra care on our part. But, it also means that healing deep wounds is possible. Also, magic and especially perfumes, oils, philtres, potions and talismans can be very strong and effective.

So, overall this is a much better New Moon and waxing Moon period. Mostly auspicious, too. The retrograde activity decreases a little, but remains strong, but nonetheless, this is a good thing. Also, there is a “Great” Triangle on the zodiacs of Fire acting. It’s not literally what we call a Great Triangle, as Chiron is one of the planets forming it, but it’s as close as it can get to it. Nevertheless, this triangle brings much good luck. Especially to the zodiacs of Fire, of course, but the rest of us will also feel its blessings.

New Moon Predictions for Aries:

This is quite a beneficial New Moon and waxing Moon period for you. It can bring some important karmic events in your life, too. Spells and visualisations you’ve done in the past, and maybe you’ve thought they failed, can manifest now. Furthermore, pleasure and joy is trying to find a way in your daily life. Love seems much luckier and much more pleasant, too. Singles can meet some potential parters.

Money, though and financial matters can cause some stress. Some things are changing in unpredicted ways, or in ways you don’t want them to change. Thinking twice about your expenses can help, but keeping an overall flexible financial strategy will help you even more.

New Moon Predictions for Taurus:

Although things are changing for the better, your inner demons can become much more lively, during this period. Whatever you haven’t healed is coming back to haunt you. The good news is, there are strong healing energies affecting such matters, too. Therefore, try to heal as much of these as possible during this, rather auspicious, New Moon and waxing Moon period. Your magic and your healing powers are quite strong, too, for every matter, so you can use them for this matter, too.

Other than that, this period is mostly calm and satisfactorily. Small, careful steps can bring you good results. Also, visualisations and dreams of the past can manifest, or you may find a way to start manifesting them.