Predictions For The Hunter’s Full Moon – TONIGHT Is The Big Night


Predictions for Pisces:

Your self still demands your attention. Keep nurturing yourself and healing your ego. For doing that you may need to do some cleansing internally and externally. Are you attached to sorrows, angers or guilts? Let them go. Do you feel you have to fulfil others’ people dreams about you? Let this burden go. Do you feel the obligation to serve and fulfil past dreams of your that you no longer desire? Free yourself from this illusionary obligation. Make room from new dreams, and new good things and blessings to come your way.

Do the same thing with your place of living, and your life. Throw away, or gift away, things you no longer need or want. Even those you never did, but you bought them thinking you did. Always choose gifting instead of throwing away, when this is applicable, as gifting brings more blessings than just creating place for new blessings to come. This procedure will be more beneficial until the 10th of the month, but Chiron will keep demanding this until the 31st.

Love life can be lucky and happy even without much of your effort. Happy things happening there. Career, on the other hand, seems stressful and mostly in a way that you feel that you can’t do anything about it. Do what you can, no matter how insignificant it seems. Things will get better. Cosmos works on that, but if you don’t ask for its help, it won’t deliver it to you. Do what you can, and the Universe will stress its hand to you.

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