Predictions For The Hunter’s Full Moon – TONIGHT Is The Big Night


Predictions for Sagittarius:

Family and home are still important and stressful. Career remains important but with less stress and some more luck there. Your fears and insecurities about all these subjects are slowly calming down. In some cases this happens because of the good luck more than because you healed the problems. Now that the stress is less, act on healing. If you don’t this areas will, eventually, become stressful again. Even more so, your spirituality is getting stronger, so spiritual and energy healing is becoming also stronger. Reiki, meditation, self-hypnosis are some such ways of healing, but not all. Use the one you feel more compatible with you.

Spiritual awareness and a tendency to engage with spirituality and promote it is present, and will become even stronger after the 10th of the month. Establishing an inner balance will balance your life. This is, in fact, a general truth, but now you’ll see this truth manifesting more easily and naturally than usually. Promoting your business and even love through spiritual methods is also strong. Just remember to work on the qualities you want and not on the actual persons. The latter will surely cause you many problems and much suffering. Taking part in spiritual-related seminars, schools or things like that, can be very helpful. Not only for your spiritual development, but also for finding friends and lovers. And also this methods can help you understand, accept, love, and support yourself more. Doing this, will generate luck and happiness.

Predictions for Capricorn:

There was a focus on career all year long, as Jupiter is in this house of yours, but now, as its getting ready to leave it, there is an even greater focus there, and much luck too. There is, probably, too much activity there and a very tight schedule, but there is progress as well. Part of it, you can see it almost immediately, but there is also progress happening there you’ll come to realise in the coming months, and maybe years. So, patiently deal with the stress and do your best.

Friendships still receive much stress. They will receive luck too, after the 10th of the month. New, more meaningful, or more joyful relationships will start coming your way. Maybe they have already started coming. If so, this will become easier. Love is more challenged than friendships. It isn’t as easy to find a new lover. Not impossible, but not as easy as finding new friends. Places of study can be more helpful in this matter. Places of art too. Your spirituality is also very important. It can help you a lot in your long term goals. Short term too, but the greatest potency is in the long term goals.

Predictions for Aquarius:

Career, money and possessions are all challenged and stressed. Too much focus there, and too many energies. Don’t lose hope, as the odds of success are more than you can realise right now. As the month proceeds you’ll start seeing the light. Friends and acquaintances with power can help you in this. They mostly seem willing to do so, but you need to ask for their help, most of the times. If you don’t know such people, you may find them during this period.

sex life is better and more lucky than it was during the waxing moon. Expressing your love and care through sexual means is possible, and it seems like most of the times your partner receives this love. This makes things better. If you are searching for a new love interest, covens, magic groups, and religious groups can be the best place to start searching. Even if this new lover comes from other ways, the metaphysical interests will bring you closer. Love magic and sex magic are very strong. So, do use magic to help you find what you are seeking.