Predictions For The Hunter’s Full Moon – TONIGHT Is The Big Night


Predictions for Virgo:

Love is still a main focus. Second in order though, now. Most of the challenges Chiron and the New Moon gave you, are now reducing their intensity and frequency. If you have learned your lessons and accepted that self expression can and should exist in a relationship, both from your part and your partners, then love life can actually be lucky now. Not heavily lucky, but lucky.

Financials and business is the number one focus. Despite the stress, this will come with a bettering of the situations in the area. Even when Jupiter leaves your money house this won’t change. Social media, blogs and other such means of earning are very much supported and not much stressed. Sales also receive good blessings. If your job is related with promoting people or goods, then it can be very busy, and in this manner stressful, but it will also provide you good earnings. This will continue even after the New Moon, but the stress declines. On the negatives, family can be very stressful and restricting.

Predictions for Libra:

Health is good now, but some fears about it are still in your mind. Trust your body and your soul. Love them, too, and support them. See the beauty on them. It is very possible that you want to change your body’s image. If so, do it in a supportive way and not in a punishing way. You may also feel that things are getting better, even while you don’t actually see anything proving this. It is true. Be a little patient, and things indeed are getting better in every aspect of your life. Even more so after the next New Moon. For now, do dream and decide what you want to achieve.

Financials can be more lucky and less stressful than what you were expecting during the previous New Moon. Jupiter moving to your money house helps this luck, and this is just the start of it. In short, your life is getting in order in every aspect of it. Friendships can provide some stress and also excitement. So can your children.

Predictions for Scorpio:

Happiness and all aspects of it are still the main focus, and there is much stress there. Now, though, there is progress. You are getting happier. How much happier depends one what you have done to heal and clean your blocks and set your goals. Of course, if you haven’t done anything, you can, and should, start acting immediately. Still there will be some good luck in this case, but make it better, greater and more permanent. Love life is included. Meeting new people, amongst them potential lovers, is something that comes naturally. You just need to keep your doors open. Friends, teachers, and people who can help your job or career can also come this way.

Financials are still stressed but they are getting better. Have you done your best during the Saturn-Jupiter hexagon? Then both financials can become really good, and you can manifest, your business goals now. Start manifesting at the very least. After the next New Moon there will be even more luck in the area, and much more opportunities to realise your dreams. Your magic and intuition are strong now. Even when they don’t feel extra strong, they are more potent and strong than usually.