Predictions For The Hunter’s Full Moon – TONIGHT Is The Big Night


Predictions for Gemini:

Other than the situations with your friends and siblings that now become less troubled and less troublesome, all the other aspects mentioned in the New Moon, are empowered even more. Work, and your efforts to better the conditions there, is becoming more and more a huge part of your daily focus and routine. Are you trying to get a promotion, start a new business or expand your current one? This is a good period to do all these. At least do the best to open the path for these. If you have business partners the problems will be more than if you are running your business alone.

After the 14th of the month love life starts becoming happier and luckier, but even until then, there will be a good amount of focus in the field. Many opportunities looking good, but not necessarily being good, can appear until the 14th. Try to evaluate them correctly. After then, the scenery is clearer and things will be easier. Still, if you are feeling confident for the quality of an opportunity that appears before the 14th, do follow it. Some relationships, new or existing, will advance rapidly. This can be pleasant or stressful. Try to focus on the good parts.

Predictions for Cancer:

Friendships, your relationship with your siblings and those you consider as such, are still challenged. Maybe even more, but there is something good happening in this area. Some relationships become deeper and healthier. New ones can also appear. I’m talking about friendly relationships, but love will start to become luckier as the month proceeds, especially for the singles. Family also will become more important. And probably mostly pleasantly so.

Work gets better, but you may don’t feel this in your everyday life. Many stressful situations may take place, but you deal with them successfully and you achieve progress in the area. Health, though, may be more stressful and challenged. Take good care of it, and try to find time to rest and relax. Skeletal health is one of the aspects that is affected the most. If you already have problems there, take extra care. The extra stress students have had is calming down now. Still there is some stress there, but the hardest part has passed.

Predictions for Leo:

Money is still the main focus of the period, and the way you feel about it remains more important that how your financial situation is and progress. There is much energy and activity in the area, and much progress, but as the month proceeds things stabilise. In a good way, most probably. Career can be a little unpredictable, and this adds to your financial insecurities, but this also calms down. If your earnings are coming from foreign countries, there will be even more luck there. If you intend to expand your business in such a manner, proceed courageously.

There is much focus in love life as well, but mostly because of problems. Distance can be one of them, but also there may be emotional distance. Even old problems an resurface by the smallest causes. Sometimes without an actual cause. Things you haven’t settled with exes can also stress you both internally and externally. Singles won’t be very lucky in finding a new relationship during this time, and even if they do find one, I wouldn’t hold my hopes high as about the quality and the longevity of the relationship. Be patient. This will change after the New Moon. Searching inside you to find what can make your heart full, and not in a bad way, is what you should be doing now.