30 Practices to Boost Well-Being

30 Practices to Boost Well Being

24. Passions:

Pursue your passions to keep your soul tank filled. Know what your soul food is that nourishes us deep in your soul and give yourself plentiful helpings. Examples are dancing, singing, yoga, playing an instrument, playing with kids or grandkids, solitude, listening to music, power lounging, being in nature, creative expression, painting, writing, beading sculpting, women’s group, and men’s group.

25. Spirituality:

Put the emphasis on the spiritual rather than the material.

26. Beauty:

Own and express your creative artist.

27. Openness:

Living with a flexible attitude (no hardening of the attitudes) promotes learning and growth. Openness allows for novelty and adventure, which is enlivening.

28. Optimism:

If necessary make the conversion from pessimism to optimism. Choose to consciously and consistently change your thinking.

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29. Intention:

Use the power of intention.

30. Purpose:

Listen to the callings to know what your purpose is. Knowing what has the greatest meaning in our lives helps us get busy giving the gifts that only you can give.

Of the above practices to boost well-being, you will see that some are strong and well developed, while others need attention.

Congratulate yourself on those that are well established, and then zero in on those that need more attention.

They are the areas that constitute your growing edge and that will boost well-being and your happiness. When you take on the pursuit of happiness in a specific way, you are likely to see your score go up from your efforts.

Enjoy the journey.

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Written by Linda and Charlie Bloom
Originally appeared in Psychology today

30 Practices to Boost Well Being
30 Practices to Boost Well-Being

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