Practice The Pause

Practice the pause.

Pause before judging. Pause
before assuming. Pause before
accusing. Pause whenever you’re
about to react harshly and you’ll
avoid doing and saying things
you’ll later regret.
— Lori Dechene

24 thoughts on “Practice The Pause”

  1. Part of me wishes for restraint & the rest of me knowns better.
    I think connection is much more important & we can’t learn n grow without each other.. real truths, real thoughts, real conversations.
    Communication is massive, learning how to speak & listen..with care n respect n compromise. Speak those hardest of topics- they are the very one’s we should be having. It teaches us areas of where we can improve ourselves. Silence serves no one or nothing, except confusion & assuming. What another chooses to do with that message, I have no control… but it won’t be from my lack of effort.

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