13 Practical Strategies To Handle Being Mad or Angry

strategies to handle being mad or angry

Don’t hold a grudge even if it is for someone else. Unforgiveness is toxic!

Forgiveness is powerful! When we hold unforgiveness, we hold poison in our hearts. Find a way to forgive. Ask God to help you forgive. Learn to cultivate an attitude of instant forgiveness.

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4. When There Doesn’t Seem To Be An Answer

There are very real problems in life and sometimes our anger and frustration can be a healthy, natural, or even a godly response. We believe that for every problem there is an appropriate resolution.

So, to realize that not every problem has a readily and apparent solution brings extreme frustration.

In these cases, it is more important to trust the All-Knowing God.

Then do what you can do and focus on how you face the problems.

These situations test your faith, character, and integrity. 

You will probably need to remind yourself that getting mad will not change anything and will only make you feel worse. And there is most likely more to the situation than you know.

5. Learn to Trust


When we truly trust our Lord to handle the universe and bring justice, we can let go, forgive and have peace.

People will let us down and disappoint us in many ways. The key for victory is to let go of the need for others to meet our expectations—right or wrong.

We must forgive them in our hearts, and “let it go.”

*The best way to handle being mad is to express it to God, to release our “mad-ness” to Him, and to tell Him how we feel.

He understands, and He can rescue us from it—when we are honest. When we depend completely on God, we can release other people. We do not have to force our will or our way. We do not have to control the situation. We understand that when we take our requests to our best Friend, He will take care of the situation.

God understands all things on all sides.

The Lord alone is the righteous judge.

He will vindicate our “rightness” and be gentle in our “wrongness.”  

He will be the one to take care of us and make all things all work together for our good (Rom 8:28; Col 3:23-24; Psalm 75:6-7). The appropriate response is thankfulness to God for all the goodness He has placed in our lives.

God is the Source of our every need, the answer to our every prayer, not other people. We can expect this from our Creator Father as His loved royal children who are growing in maturity and love.

Abundant Blessings, Friend!

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6. My Prayer for You

Dear Lord, I ask you to bless this dear reader with a special grace to confront his or her own motives in issues related to being mad, angry, or taking offense. Forgive us all, Lord, for missing the mark. Empower us to forgive.

I pray you help these dear readers to overcome in all areas. Bless them with Your overwhelming, all-encompassing love.

Teach them to trust You so deeply, that no person or circumstance can shake their deep peace. I pray Your peace surround them powerfully as they read these words. Thank You! Amen.

But Wait–There’s More

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Immediate Strategies for How to Handle Being Mad or Angry

  1. In your mind, or whisper under your breath, “Jesus help me!”
  2. Log off Facebook.
  3. Just Breathe. Make a new habit to stop occasionally during the normal course of your day to relax and breathe deeply from your diaphragm, not your chest. Watch your stomach go out and in again. Then during a stressful moment, you will have a habitual skill you can call up to help you remain calm.
  4. Speak a calm phrase such as “take it easy,” “its ok,” or “stay calm” to yourself repeatedly while you breathe calmly and deeply.
  5. Take yourself mentally from the situation and slowly count to yourself for as long as it takes; imagine a relaxing scene.
  6. Physical exercise such as stretching, walking, running, etc. can help reduce stress and help you feel calmer.
  7. Change your environment. Even a short time away can provide some relief and a better perspective.

Hopefully, this practical strategies will help you handle being angry in anxious times.

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  1. This kind of anger is different from God’s anger because He is always righteous and just. However, as humans, our emotions are corrupted by sin and do not always show forth God’s glory for His purposes.
  2. “Controlling Anger Before It Controls You,” American Psychological Association, http://www.apa.org/topics/anger/control.aspx Accessed October 1, 2018.

Written by: Cynthia Johnson
Originally appeared on: Drcynthiajohnson.com
Republished with permission
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