Powerful Crystals For Each Zodiac Sign

 April 27, 2018

Powerful Crystals For Each Zodiac Sign



The adventurous type, you always want to run off into the wild, expecting a thrill and exciting adventure at every nook and cranny of the world. Bronzite would help you in this. Being connected to the soul is important as you need to be true to yourself, otherwise, it would be extremely tough for other people to accept you the way you are. Citrine helps in this situation. And lastly, turquoise would always be your guide, your philosopher and your knight in shining armor, removing obstacles along the way.



The fiery lot, you have a history with anger management and need the help of citrine, amethyst and malachite. Citrine is useful when it comes to spreading the light, invoking feelings of joy and happiness all around. Malachite helps in transforming negative emotions into positive emotions, and that brings forth an emotional healing. Amethyst helps in unlocking your mind so that you are more open and accepting to things that would clear your aura.



Guilty of having second thoughts in every decision you take, you tend to lose your sleep over it. You think everything that you did would adversely affect you and that demolishes the calm spirit that you are born with. This is when Lapis Lazuli comes into play. They are a catalyst to good decision making, something you don’t have to regret later. Similarly, Citrine promotes your exuberance and positivity and ensures that you keep on realizing the benefits your actions can bring forth. Lastly, Labradorite protects and keeps your aura healthy.



You are severely detached from the rest of your friends for you simply don’t feel like caring. Red Jasper keeps you controlled and cool, and you exude a calm and cool disposition when around people. Kyanite helps in maintaining the chakra, so that you can go beyond your comfort zone, and break free from problems. Jade would keep you grounded while establishing, that you are still rich, and successful.



Garnet brings out the passion in you, for as a Leo that’s who you are. Tiger’s eye makes you wiser as you grow older, for they are charged and fueled by the sun, and has no effect on the differing atmospheric conditions. Carnelian improves creativity, and the zeal to go through with that.



Moonstone helps you in harnessing the free spirit in your body so that they can fly in the night sky, as they get their power from the moon. Red Jasper is crucial to building your stamina and helps in adverse situations. Abalone connects you to people.



Jade removes any negative energy from your life. Quarts helps in connecting you to your state of spirituality, and Carnelian promotes joy and power.



Peridot helps you by making you be courageous. Carnelian helps you in giving you a positive zeal while you move forward, and Pyrite gives you blessings for your work.

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Powerful Crystals For Each Zodiac Sign

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