Law Of Attraction – Power of Universe

Law Of Attraction Power of Universe

8. Practice and let go.

Write. Read. Let go. Do not be over-obsessed with outcomes and results. Once you have surrendered your wishes to the universe, consider your manifestations will be taken care of. Do not keep pondering about when it will happen. It has been a year and nothing happened??? Let go of these doubts.

9. Signs of manifestation.

You intuitively feel that your wishes are about to come true. You see the same wish is manifested in someone else’s life. Like, I wanted to get connected with people around the world. I saw my neighbour got shifted to another country and there they got connected with people who had settled there from different countries.

Pay attention to these signs. Closely observe synchronicity. The wish you want may get displayed in your dreams or something related to that will be popped up in front of you out of nowhere. Observe it.

10. Trust the power of the universe.

Have faith in the universe. When you visit a doctor you have trust that your health problem will be diagnosed accurately and cured. Without trust, nothing happens. Trust the universe and You will never be disappointed.

Last but not the least,

11. Gratitude.

When you see synchronicity and signs be grateful to the power of the universe. When ultimately your wishes are not just wished but it is reality, be grateful to the universe. The universe is working for you selflessly so respect that. These are some steps that are tried and tested by me. I have manifested many things in my life with just these simple steps.

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