Posting About Yourself In Social Media

Posting About Yourself In Social Media

Posting about yourself in social media activates your brain’s reward system in the same way as some drugs of abuse.

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  1. Timothy Seok Ace Phommaxahane Brandon Vue Bangalang Vang Leesa Love Lo Eitak Chinito Gomez Michael Her me taggin y’all in memes all day. Shit I’m a meme addict and abuser.

  2. i have a genetic disease called celiac which has given me intestinal pain since i was in primary school. eating food with wheat or oats or barley kills the cells in my gut. it stops me from up-taking nutrients. when i was young i could recover quickly but now im 48 my intestine takes 3-5 months to recover. i cant go out eating at restaurants or travel because if the smallest amount of cross contamination will force me to lie down feeling exhaustion for months. gluten is everywhere. if it goes down my throat it may give my cancer because my cells will stop replenishing. i almost killed myself at 13 after a school shooting where i was the crown’s best witness suffering a mental breakdown while making my statement at the police station. so i have some hangups. talking online hasn’t really been calming for me lately. i think i’ll take a month off and relax naturally before i go under general sedation next month for my gut operation. i do have an online addiction and my nerves are so very touchy atm. hope to see you all soon.

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