7 Surprising Positive Aspects Of BPD

Surprising Positive Aspects Of BPD

People often dismiss the suffering of someone who looks fine on the surface. But you know what can lie beneath the surface of a facade. Your story also offers you a deep well of compassion. At your best, you are liable to champion the voices for others. Many people with BPD are gifted activists who champion the rights and voices of others.

Positive aspects of BPD
Positive aspects of BPD

6. You see the beauty of the world

Being a naturally sensitive person, you are pained by the collective pain of our world; but on the flip side, you also have a profound understanding of beauty. You don’t take love for granted, ’little things’ such as a single line in a song or a gesture from a romantic partner can be almost overwhelming. 

You feel the world with a different vibration, and you are vividly alive. You know despair, but you also know deep love and ecstasy. Being able to feel so keenly is a downside when the emotions are challenging, but it is also a gift.

7. You may not feel it, but you are exceptionally resilient

BPD does not break you; it shapes you, forces you to look inward, and make you a stronger human. Like a tree, you bend, but you do not get destroyed. You have been through so much pain and despair that you know every day is a gift.

The longer you have to learn to live with BPD, the more resilient it makes you. You become a warrior. You withstand not only the BPD symptoms but also the natural knocks that we receive as we go through life. Having been through BPD and come out the other end, you are stronger than you think you are.

At your core, you are not your mood swings. Beyond the surface, the fluctuation is a core self that is determined to be alive.

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You have the right to be a full human!

Whether you’re a BPD sufferer yourself or have a friend or loved one with the condition, I hope this article has given you some hope. Coming to terms with a diagnosis can be a daunting path, but please don’t believe just because you have been given the label, anyone could take away all your gifts and positive personality traits.

The next step for you now is to find ways to celebrate and harness your strengths. You may decide to make a piece of music that tells your life story or use your deep empathy to offer a friend consolation.

Being misunderstood all your life is painful, and never justified. While we cannot control external judgments, it is on us to go from surviving to thriving, to not let the past haunts us, and to stand up for our rights to shine as a dynamic human.

You do not need your friends or family to understand you for you to move forward. Unlike the situation you were in as a child you are no longer powerless. If people insist on scapegoating or gaslighting you, you have the power to walk away.  If you think about all the trauma, suicidal spells, and relationship wounds you have bounced back from, you will know how strong you are at your core. Walking away despite our society’s pressure is not an easy path, but it is what you deserve.

You certainly do not need anyone’s approval to own these gifts. BPD might mark you out from the crowd and make you different, but it’s those differences that make life worth living.

I wish you well on your journey to discover the wholeness of who you are, beyond the diagnosis.

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Written By Imi Lo
Originally Appeared In Eggshell Therapy

Even though most people do not have an idea about the positive aspects of BPD, that doesn’t make them untrue. There are a lot of stereotypes that still circulate about this condition, in this day and age, but this article did not just show the positive aspects of BPD, it most importantly established the fact that people with BPD are also human. Once you start treating them with compassion and dignity, you will see how truly special they are.

If you want to know more about the positive aspects of BPD, then check this video out below:

Positive aspects of BPD
Surprising Positive Aspects Of BPD Pin
7 Surprising Positive Aspects Of BPD
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