10 Most Popular Psychological Persuasion Theories To Influence People

Psychological Theories Influence People

9. Scarcity Principle

All of us want the right to make decisions, choices and even control our surroundings. Hence, when we find that something has become scarce, even if we didn’t consider it important earlier, we will have a stronger desire to acquire it. The scarcity principle is widely used in marketing and retail to persuade people to buy things they don’t want to.

Kevan Lee explains “You want what is in short supply. This desire increases as you anticipate the regret you might have if you miss out by not acting fast enough.So if you want to persuade your audience, then you need to convince them that what you have to offer is scarce. When your offering is available for a limited time, people will feel pressured to make faster decisions and get what you have to offer. Psych2go adds “If the object being sold is desirable, the individual is more likely to be persuaded to buy it soon, fearing that if they wait too long, then others will get to it first.

10. Social Influence

Last but definitely not the least, this is perhaps one the most widely known persuasion theories, thanks to social media and online influencers. Influence from our social circle can encourage us to change our perception and behavior. Depending on the relationship we have with the influencer, social influence can be a highly effective persuasion technique. However, one needs to be aware of the three main aspects of social influence, namely obedience, compliance and conformity.

We are influenced strongly by others based on how we perceive our relationship to the influencer. For example, social proof on web copy is persuasive if the testimonials and recommendations are from authoritative sources, big brands, or peers,” writes Kevan Lee.

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Persuasion is an art

Well, there you have! 

These are the most popular persuasion theories that can help you understand the psychology behind influencing others and empower you to convince people in a  truthful and honest way. It is highly likely that you have already put some of these theories into practice without even knowing it.

However, now make an attempt to implement these strategies deliberately while you are speaking with your audience or delivering your message to persuade your listeners and create the best impact.

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10 Most Popular Psychological Persuasion Theories To Influence People
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