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We all live… and someday we all have to die… but the point is how we live that matters.

I myself used to be a person full of anger full of frustration, full of abusive words for others.

But now I have realized that politeness is very very much important in one’s life.

Few days back I read on a social networking site – “live as if today is everyone else’s last day,then feel the difference”.

I gave thought to this quote and guess what? It really made a change. I behaved nicely with everyone.
And now I am a kind of person to whom anyone can say anything and I never answer them with harsh words instead I give them time to think upon the matter. And after few hours, few days, few months or years, they definitely come and ask for an apology.

Friends, life is uncertain,you never know what it has planned for you. So always be polite and forgive each and every person who has hurt you.
We all are full of sins but still we expect god to forgive us. And God does forgive us. Then why can’t we? Be so polite, so humble that the person who seem to you like a rock should melt with your humble behavior.
I m quite immature as I m a girl of 18 but till now my life has taught me many lessons. And being humble and polite is one of them.
So be good be real be polite and love people and make them happy as the world need more of it !!

–  Iram Sarwat

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