Please Understand Me

Please Understand Me

Yes I am drunk ,

Yes I think of you every now and then,

Yes I escaped an accident,

Yes I think of you all the time in my senses and out of that.

But why do you question me always whenever I do anything unknowingly out of the box.

I am just a human,love me like I love you without being judged.

Love me like I have no regrets from my life.

Embrace me inside you like you would do to your child just to make him feel secured.

I am just a loving child of your sensation and warmth.

Please entangle me like you would never leave me when I disappear from this non-existent world.

This world is not meant to express my gratitude for things.

I am here for something and when I figure it out to my best knowledge,this world will display my thing on its existence.

-By Ashish Verma

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