Please Don’t Take Any Of This The Wrong Way

Please Don't Take Any Of This The Wrong Way

Please Don’t Take Any Of This The Wrong Way

17 thoughts on “Please Don’t Take Any Of This The Wrong Way”

  1. i imagine if i am to love this person..not to fix but just to love, will i be enough? will this person capable of loving again? how my ‘ i love you ‘ sound to him?for him, will it sound different from the past? am i gonna be compared from moment to moment? if in every move and every words he’ll flinch or push me back then what else is left to do?? w love this deep, thats seems impossible to fade, why not get back together. i dont understand..this made me depress, i have to take deep breaths,.

    1. This is actually really helpful. It’s great insight and gives me some understanding. When I remove myself and stop the spinning of needing an instant result the answer is clear to me: you stand still and hold on. Remove yourself from the equation and only think about him until you can be entered back in. And assume you get back together Bc you have to assume. If you don’t assume it will fall every moment anxiety hits. You don’t have the luxury in this situation of wondering if you’re going to make it. You have to check your panic at the door Bc there’s no room for wonder. You lean on each other for protection and a solid understanding that you’re a couple. And in time, if you can maintain this composure you will be able to slow down the spinning. He will stop flinching and give you his hand. And the alternative is harder Bc when you love this deeply it feels like there’s only one of you. You share this. I don’t believe anyone feels this way alone. It runs so deep you are already one.

  2. I started to read it but then realized how depressed this individual really is. All I can say is to never allow anyone to take away your spirit. Just do something about it and move on. Life is too short!

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