Plastic People on the Streets

Plastic People on the Streets

Plastic people on the streets

Makes me feel that I’m unique

Silent scream from deep inside

Gentle voice from all around

You have nothing

You have all

You need forget

For what you’ve got

What you could

And what you thought

Something had

But something not

No perfection and no lies

No regrets on other side

Set me free

My arduous mind

To the place I couldn’t find

In the emptiness of real

Where time is standing still

Close your eyes and sharply feel

Find yourself and disappear

Everything in its right place

It’s the beginning, not the end

Be yourself and don’t pretend

Magic feeling comes around

And you feel those ups and downs

In the ocean of the thoughts

Your perceptions are being stopped

Give me freedom

My dear Lord

Give me peace

And give me storm

Die with me

And then reborn.

-By Artem Stelmakh


Artem Stelmakh