You sway my tree, blow my leaves

You ring my chimes and spin my pin wheel

You rattle my house

You created a storm

You shake my soul

And you make me shiver..

You blow my securities away so all that is left in Io securities

You make me bundle up so I don’t get cold

You wind blows my skin back and exposes my vulnerabilities,

My darkest fears and my self doubts..

They say to evacuate because the winds are strong

But I stand here stronger than the winds you blow


I don’t need to be sheltered

Not under a tree

When your storm comes through you rock my world everytime

When the wind blows in your direction will you stand strong for me..

Will you board up your windows…will you weather the storm?

Or will you run, evacuate, flee or  blow away

stand in a field with me and say “I am free” with arms spread wide

Guess what baby girl..

I boarded up my windows

Secured my belongings

You can huff and puff…and try to blow my house down

Im not rattled enough to run

Im not shaken enough to stop loving you

Im not gonna evacuate no matter how strong the wind gets

At the end of the day…you spin my pin wheel

When you smile you rattle my leaves

When you cuddle you shake me to my bones.

I will stand in your wind storm and take the bumps and bruises.

Until one day … blue skies and calm tides we will enjoy.

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  1. the beautiful but messy ups and downs that come with deep-strong-meaningful and REAL relationships: the pinwheel keeps on spinning.

    #realtalk #fromtheheart #lifesmessy #fightthegoodfight

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