Pieces of the Heart – MIND TALK

 October 24, 2015

Pieces of the Heart - MIND TALK

In all its forms, our hearts burst open to let some light in, to experience more of life’s wonders, to enjoy and appreciate its beauty, to learn, to love, and to live.

So after a long silence I manage to say, “The pieces do not go anywhere. They are always there, taking different forms, touching some lives. They represent your encounters with everyone and everything around you, and even if some days it feels some are missing, they will always come back, bringing about a new vision, a new tale…”
And I realized those few pieces of mine did not disappear, she has them now. I guess she realized it too because she smiled, so I also smiled and said, “We never lose the pieces of our hearts…”  

– Nada Mohamed

You can follow more of her works
on her blog – Attraversiamo
or her Facebook Page  – Little Things 

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