Pieces of Her Mind

Pieces of Her Mind

The corners are first, then the outside edge; you get a better view of the whole picture and the middle pieces are much easier to figure out– that’s what Grandma always said while teaching me. This one is going to be a challenge, that’s for sure…Why did I have to choose such a large puzzle today? I don’t even like puzzles, really; I can’t sit still for that long and my mind races more. I chose this to get out of my headspace…but it’s making things worse.

Ok, the edges are together. Now I can focus on the middle. Hmm, the middle…the middle of my thoughts are like the eye of the hurricane. Dark, twisted and completely jumbled going 400mph. I can’t seem to get the pieces to fit together right; the pieces of the memories that are swirling around my head are impossible to put in the trash bin of my thoughts.

Ah-ha! I finally got this chunk of the corner done. At least it’s only a 250 piece, since the other one is still sitting on the table in the other room, waiting for me to finish that one. Stupid thousand-piece shit puzzle. Man, this is the 3rd day in a row that my headspace has gone to shit and I can’t get over this stupid feeling. 3rd day, interesting…

I feel like I’ve been sitting here for years, this puzzle is looking more blurry by the minute. Maybe I should take a break. But what else is there to do? I guess I could read one of the magazines on the desk that were recently delivered. Wait, this piece goes with this one, here. Maybe these two will fit with this clump I already finished…it does! Ok, now I’m getting somewhere and with my luck, he’ll call my name any second.

Now that I’m on a roll with this damn puzzle, not finishing it will drive me insane; even more so than I’m told I already am. I mean, I’m in this asylum for a reason…


Celsie Nace

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